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  1. I got married at The Royal in November 2014. I fell in love with The Royal during a visit October 2013. Unfortunately, ownership/management changed hands between October 2013 and our wedding in November 2014. There are some bigger changes coming up. Because alot changed in a year, I'd be very worried about booking so far out for this resort. Their wedding packages alone are completely different. Our wedding day was amazing. Only one hiccup (our flower colors were completely wrong. Did not match any of our wedding decor) I wanted to crawl in a hole and cry, but I had to accept nothing coul
  2. Well my hostess is inviting them, but I am providing a guest list to my hostess as she does not know anyone. They would know about my shower since we all talk about our weekends and we are pretty involved in keeping up with each others lives. I just would hate for me to talk about the shower that they were not invited to and cause hurt feelings.
  3. I started a new job in Jan. My new boss and coworker, both females, are great. They obviously are not invited to my destination wedding. Do I invite them to my shower? I know it's bad etiquette to invite a guest to the shower who isn't invited to the wedding, but I'd hate to hurt their feelings by not including them at the shower.
  4. I also bought some extras as Christmas gifts for my coworkers! We are always asking each other for random things.
  5. I got my Bubba tumblers from Wal-Mart.. they are so cute, but they were $9.44 each.
  6. Honestly, people are going to go for the best rate. Our block rooms were about $200/pp cheaper than other places so we did not have this problem. I feel for you because it is so stressful, especially if you had to put down a deposit to lock in the rooms. It'd be hard to ask someone to spend more money so that you can get a discount.
  7. I saw these Miniemergency kits on Pinterest. I know alot of brides make their own, but I'm all for buying it already made I'll be getting them for my bridesmaid, MOB & one for my office! http://www.sephora.com/pinch-provisions?brandId=6013&ref=900119
  8. We are. It drives me crazy when people are so worried about getting a good picture that they are not present in the moment. We also want to see peoples faces during our big moments and not their camera lens!
  9. We just went in to it realizing some people we really want to be there won't be able to afford it. My maid of honor backed out on me 6 months before my wedding due to finances. Our biggest criticism is we will not be doing an AHR. We've had some nasty comments, including us being selfish.
  10. We are doing insulated Bubba's. We also will be doing maracas!
  11. We sent our save the dates out 13 months in advance. We sent our invites 6 months in advance. Our wedding is 11/14/14, we only have 4 people left to book and we'll have 40 guests!
  12. I can see why you would be upset. However, this is your guests vacation also. I have a similar situation where my bridesmaids husbands whole entire family is coming to the resort during our wedding. I can't expect the whole trip to be all about me and all about my wedding when they spent that kind of money. I did however make it clear that they can come spend time with us, but not come to the wedding.
  13. Did you guys have a block of rooms? We get a free room for every 15 rooms booked. We are staying at The Royal, but being a sister resort i would assume it's the same perks.
  14. They are only $9.44 at Walmart. We got at least 8 different styles too that are not offered online.
  15. Bubba came out with a new insulated tumbler. We loved them and bought 40! The colors are hard to see in my crappy cellphone picture, but there are about 10 different styles! Chevron, Stripes, Plain.. all different colors.
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