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  1. Due to the crazy quotes we kept receiving for the Suites, we had to switch our wedding to the Beach. There's another wedding party of about 100 at the Beach, but luckily they are being married offsite.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by AllieH Thank you!! I loved the detailing around the bottom so much, and was so happy I don't have to get it hemmed! Perks of being tall I guess
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by sky186 gorgeous dress love the ear rings Thank you!! The earrings were such an impulsive thing, I wasn't even planning to look at earrings that day but they just seemed so perfect
  4. Went and picked up my dress today!!! :-D So excited!! And got these earrings to go with it!
  5. Super fun! How much did that cost? My MOH thinks her mother could make one for me, with our colours and a starfish or some beach them-esque to it. This is super cute too! Quote: Originally Posted by VanessaBB Just received my garter belt from etsy was wondering what else everyone was wearing ? Going with theme of your dresses ? I'm quite happy with my
  6. Insulated mugs are a fantastic idea, and something we intended to potentially purchase as a gift to every one. Instead of OOT bags, we were gonna have the resorts have a bottle of Appleton in each persons room, with insulated mugs, and a bottle opener we make.
  7. Hey Kat! Packing takes practice. I luckily had a job that required me to live two weeks on the road, so I got very good at packing! Honestly though, you might want to practice before hand and figure out what you need vs want. Having said that, it's your wedding - if it's going to stress you out more leaving something behind, bite the extra baggage checking costs. I'm not bringing OOT or anything of that stuff, so that makes things easier. I'm getting married in November 2014, and we sent out our STDs in May of this year. We aren't planning to do formal invites until the Ne
  8. Hey, good luck booking! I booked Nov 12 so we might run into one another
  9. Congrats & welcome! What package did you decide on, and where are you coming from?
  10. Thanks for the input ! We ended up going ahead and booking the Suites for our wedding location though... Totally get what you are saying, that the amenities are not THAT much better and there will be more kids - but both our siblings are bringing their kids, and so we want to ensure it's a great vacation for them, since it's costing them both the most to come out of any other guests. That was a big deciding factor. Plus I like that we will have more of a variety being at the Suites, in that we can bounce between the Beach and Suites freely .
  11. Blessed by the Sea wasn't an option we were given... hmmm. We are getting married at the Suites
  12. How many posts do I need to have in order to see attachments again? GAH!
  13. 3 days before? We were told we'd have to provide the marriage certificate 2 weeks before, which means doing that about 3-5 months before.... Odd!
  14. AhhhH!! Thanks for the answer!! Haha, the resort replied and told us we could have him do a symbolic ceremony but still have the wedding package we wanted as well, so we might just do that! Have him marry us legally in Ontario 5 months prior with just our parents there, then do the ceremony in Jamaica too!
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