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  1. She is located in the Dominican Republic and probably is the best wedding photographer on the whole island!
  2. Hi Ladies, Due to unexpected circumstances I have decided to bring my wedding back home and have cancelled our planned wedding for Friday May 23, 2014 during memorial day weekend. Kayta Nova Photography, her services are now available to be reserved on this day! Check out her beautiful work at katyanova.com!
  3. Thanks for the review Lotty, you really helped me feel better about the situation. Im so glad to hear how wonderful of a place it was!
  4. Kiki, she and her husband live in the dominican republic, she has a calander of where she will be each month till next may on her website! Kerri, I have Renee, I think the service does exist but I think she just doesn't offer it to her brides because she doesn't want to deal with the hassle. She's hard to work with, her communication is not very good and will often answer one question and forget to answer another.
  5. So I emailed my coordinator and no surprise, I was told there is no listing of private even locations only, beach, gazebo, terrace, or ballroom option. Also that my exact location will be confirmed when I arrive at the resort....ugh!
  6. Kiki, Im going with Katya Nova photography, I highly recommend her. Her work is gorgeous and she is super responsive and helpful!
  7. Thank you so much for your information, Im going to hassle my coordinator soon, to get some plans into place! You guys are a wealth of information : )
  8. Also when is everyone sending out invitations, I saw somewhere that you have to have numbers confirmed and everything paid 60 days out, so does that mean replies need to be in 2 months before hand as well, it just seems so early to send invites out 4 months ahead of time?
  9. How are you ladies able to confirm locations for private functions already, my planner is renee, and she is extremely short and vague always! If you pay for a function, do you get a list of site to choose from vs. when you have enough room nights that it is covered for you? Keriann, how were you able to get an off site decor company? i feel that I know so little about the entire process and my coordinator is not very hands on or good at communicating
  10. I was hoping to do a rehearsal dinner at one of the restaurants, but I have heard that you cannot have over a table of 10 people at the restaurants and will have to do a private event. Does anyone know what that ranges if you cannot get enough room nights for a paid private event?
  11. Hi ladies, I will be getting married may of next year. Was wondering how you are able to do a site inspection, is your stay free or put towards wedding costs?
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