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  1. Thanks for the info! I love your setup! We're getting married at Gazebo 55, so we'll probably have them hanging over the sides and tied towards the bottom. Your sheers are setup beautifully. I asked our WC about them, and all I've been able to get out of her was the size and that she recommends "organza". A little more prying will probably get me farther :-)
  2. Hey ladies, A bit off topic, but does anyone know what TYPE of organza sheers the resort uses, or what type other brides have used in the gazebos? We're thinking of buying our own, but I have found both MIRROR and CRYSTAL organza. I see the difference, but does anyone know which one looks better on the gazebo? I'm trying to make it match as closely as possible to the resort's look. Thanks!
  3. That's so good to know! We're choosing the beef tenderloin along with the carmelized chicken breast, vegetable tower, and Caesar salad. Still undecided on the dessert :-) But that beef looks Yum!
  4. The petit cake and the mango cheesecake both look fantastic! We're just doing Cocotal (about 30 people), no private reception/cake cutting/DJ, so our choices are the Profiteroles, the crème brulee with jasmine and grapefruit and almond croquant, the gran marnier soufflé, the apple pie "tarte tatin", and the baked assorted berries with pastis and chocolate granite. (I'm not much of a "foodie" so I don't know what half of those terms mean! LOL) Thanks to everyone for your input!
  5. Aw man! Sorry to hear that! Thanks for the insight. Trying to get as much feedback as possibly on these desserts, since we're not doing a cake or cupcakes!
  6. Ugh, looks amazing!!!! Thanks for the picture! Makes our decision even harder now :-)
  7. Ugh looks amazing!!!!!! Thanks for the pictures! Makes our decision even harder now :-)
  8. Hi Ladies! On the topic of desserts, has anyone had, or know of anyone who has had, the French style apple pie "Tarte Tatin" served warm with cinnamon parfait? Our dessert choice (El Cocotal) is between that and the Profiterols Dorado with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, and pepper foam (which from previous posts looks and sounds delish!)
  9. Yes. AirTran and AirTransat are 2 differet airlines. AirTran is based out of the US, Air Transat is based out of Canada
  10. I should mention that the free shipping is for orders over $50, and with my groupon applied, it drops the total down to $0.92. So I understand if the groupon is applied first, it's technically not a qualifying $50 order, but is there a way to apply the groupon LAST?
  11. One more question about vistaprint: I have a $17 for 70 groupon to use, and I've also found a link to get free shipping. However, when I open the groupon browser, it doesn't apply the free shipping, and when I open the browser for the free shipping, the groupon isn't applied. Does anyone know if there is a way around this, to utilize the groupon AND the free shipping link? Thanks!
  12. Hi ladies! Brand new to this forum, and especially new to vistaprint. All of the info you have shared has been extremely helpful. A question about business cards. Is there a way to order business cards in quantities less than 250? Or more importantly, is there a way to split the order between 2 or 3 designs? Our guest list includes approximately 50 people. We would like to use business cards for a variety of things, but it's seems crazy to essentially have 200 "extras" of everything! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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