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  1. newmrskassner: I think I got photo package #3 - the one with 6 hours of coverage and 100 photos, which were added to the 50 included in the Ultimate package. Your mentioning the pricing makes me realize, I was also ready for the fight, but forgot once we were there! So I am assuming I paid the 2014 prices, but I totally think its worth the fight, since we booked when the 2013 prices were relevant. My experience was they don't fight hard on this type of thing, so i"m sure they'll be reasonable. nikkim0417: you can't go wrong having your wedding at this resort! It's a nice quick 20 minute dr
  2. They are literally 15 steps from each other, couldn't be closer. There is a hallway with the disco (Desires) on the end, then the wedding office, then the ballrooms. Excellent selection!
  3. Hey Ladies, I got back from my wedding at DRC about two weeks ago and just posted a giant review: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/index.php?app=reviews&module=reviews&section=reviews&do=view&id=4326 Wedding was Jan 28 at 430 pm at the wedding gazebo, followed by 530 cocktail hour on the Desires Terrace, and 7-11 pm reception on the pool deck. Everything was literally perfect, stunning, and so relaxing - you will NOT be disappointed in your choice to get married here. I'm so sad my planning and big day are over - enjoy every minute!
  4. Hey Ladies, This is probably a dumb question but when the technician was playing your cd or ipod before the ceremony, how did they transition from song to song. The song for my bridesmaid is not going to be close to over by the time I'd be wanting my down the aisle song to start, so do they just do an abrupt stop of the first song and start playing the other, or is there some way to fade between? Just not sure how this works!
  5. Quote:Originally Posted by DWB2B2014 Tablelinendirect.com I ordered the embroidered overlays and chair sashes in pool plus napkins and a satin table cloth for the head table. I've been trying different ties of the sashes to see what I like best. I can't decide. I guess I have over 5 months to figure it out. If only I had a white tiffany chair to practice with This is the best site I've found for linens as well, but I'm scared of what the duty will be since the order will be coming from the states. Do you remember roughly how much duty you were charged? Thanks!
  6. I have a couple questions about the gold plated dinner menu: - do the planners require your guest's meal choices way ahead of time, or are guests just given the options at the reception and pick at that point? - did anyone make/bring their own menus? - were your guests allowed to choose between the gold menu two options, as well as the vegetarian menu? I'd like to choose the lamb and seabass options, but I think picky eaters might take advantage of the vegetarian option, if I can have all three options. - did anyone order these meal options and have comments on quality? Tha
  7. Past January brides who had your reception on the beach or pool deck - did it get windy or cold that close to the water at night?
  8. Did any brides who had their reception on the beach or pool deck in January find it got cool? Our dinner is starting at 7 and I'm just wondering if our guests are going to be cold while they are sitting? Also, did anyone bring sparklers to give to guests at the reception? Did the hotel have any issues with it?
  9. This is great information! How did you guests get to the marina from the resort? Did the catamaran company include transportation, or did you have to arrange/pay for that separately?
  10. Savannah, where did your Mom buy her MOB dress? My Mom loves it and hasnt been able to find anything like it so far? Thank you!
  11. Stunning, Stress-Free Wedding

    Pros: Wedding Coordinator, Flowers, Organization, Photography, Food.... pretty much everything!
    Cons: Expensive DJ service
    When we first arrived at the resort, my fiancée and I were immediately whisked away to the preferred club lobby to check in. Right away we had drinks of our choice delivered to us and we sat down to go over our package with Natalia at the concierge, who is amazing – I was calling her my fairy godmother. Any question or request we had of her, she made happen, plus some, in most cases. Without our asking, she started looking for our room upgrade options, saying it didn’t look like anything would b
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