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  1. a Symbolic wedding uses the 4 elements, each wedding is different, in our case where we cover a wedding depending on the personality of the couple were proposed certain elements, for example there was fire, drank wine, ate apple and threw seeds . It is a magical experience that connects you with your inner. Let me show you an example : I hope this helps you!! Itzel Bracho Photographer Momentum Photo and Cinema http://www.foto-video-momentum.com/fotografia-bodas-df.php
  2. Hi!!!if mosquitoes are a problem, you can find smells like lavender or basil to infuse your room. I really recommend the Riviera, it's a paradise!!!
  3. We really thank to Edurne and Armand for trusting us to do this, because is the first time we shot an spiritual wedding (which was so much beautiful and moving), thanks a lot for make us part of their lives through the lens.
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