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  1. Hi Just realised I registered a little while ago but forgot to introduce myself! My name is Kellie and I have been with my hubby for 21 years and we have decided to re-new our wedding vows to each other on Saturday 1st June in Spain!! Its getting so close and I'm very excited! Its quite a small 'do' - just 20 guests but its still caused enough work & planning as if it was more!! :-) Anyway hi everyone! Kellie
  2. Please ignore my last post - I found it and have now subscribed!! Thanks so much for your help :-)
  3. Thanks so much for your reply - as my vow renewal is so soon I doubt I'll be able to get up to 150 posts lol (and still have a life off here lol!) so I'm happy to pay the subscription - how do I pay the subscription - I'm probably being really ditzy but have looked and can't find how to do it? thanks again for replying!! :-)
  4. Hi For some reason I'm not permitted to access attachments - not sure why! I was just wondering if you would mind emailing me the template for the passport stamps? I've almost completed my passport style invites and just want to do some customised passport style stamps. I hope you don't mind me asking - my email is kellie@butterfly-meadow.co.uk many thanks! You did some amazing things for your wedding!! :-) Jack and Jill invitation.pptx Bus schedule.pptx Wedding NEWSLETTER.doc KidsBrochure.pub PASSPORT- OURS.ppt
  5. Hi Do you happen to still have the powerpoint template at all? I'm almost finished designing my passport invites and just want to add some personalised stamps but just cant find a template ANYWHERE!! I clicked the attachment you put but it says I don't have permission to view it or something? not sure why? any help you can give would be fantastic as I'm almost there lol! thanks
  6. Your invites were amazing!! My hubby and I are renewing our wedding vows and I'm in the process of making our invites (passport style) and yours definitely influenced my wanting to do them :-) Anyway - do you happen to have the template for the stamps please? I've searched high and low on the internet and just can't seem to find one - I'm running out of time to start from scratch so would really appreciate if you have got the template - other than that my invite design is almost complete - just need to start the whole printing/putting together saga haha! luckily I only have 10 to make!! :-)