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  1. Photo package A includes 40 printed photos 6x8 and 1 bigger but I dont remember the size...
  2. this is for the complimentary wedding package those are the centerpieces of the exotic peacock in cozumel palace (everything is included in the tables except the "piñatas"
  3. hola, the 30 person dinner reservation is in one of the restaurants (your wedding planner will give you different options according to the number of guest you have for your party) however if you want a private event this one have an extra charge or if you have the 75 room nights booked trough the same source you can have this event as a courtesy due the number of room nights you accumulate, also there is some fees that may apply like if you want your event on the beach or in an area with difficult access. around 90 days prior the wedding date you will be contacted for your wedding planner and she will explain you everything in detail, I recommend you to hurrry up and select your date and time as April and May are the months with more weddings of the year
  4. Hello girls, I am the sales wedding coordinator in charge of Europe & Asia market from Palace Resorts & Le Blanc, please if you haven't been contact for us send me an email to weddingseurope@palaceresorts.com or weddingsasia@palaceresorts.com if is the case, and I will be glad to provide you any information you may need. Also in regards to the documents required your documents should be "apostilled" in UK and all the translations have to be done onsite (once you arrive to the property) Please do not hesitate in contact me if you have any question, Have a nice monday!!!
  5. Hi Mary, is better if you contact the hotel directly as they havea lisst of authorized providers and some you can have some of those items included in your wedding package http://www.palaceresorts.com/weddings/wedding-rfp-en.html hope this helps!
  6. Hi girls, if you have a wedding in Palace Resorts you dont need to go to Walmart, even the complimentary wedding package has included the bridal bouquet (roses) and they have like 5 or 6 colours available. greetings!
  7. Hello, You can contact the hotel directly in this link, there is a space where you can ask also any queries you may have, hope this helps! http://www.palaceresorts.com/weddings/wedding-rfp-en.html
  8. Hello these are some photos of the exotic peacock wedding collection in Cozumel Palace, hope this helps!
  9. Hello This is the complimentary wedding package at Isla Mujeres Palace with some extras, hope these photos helps!!
  10. Hello here is some information of the Exotic Peacock Collection in Cozumel Palace, hope this helps!
  11. Hi!! If you have a date in mind you can request your date in this link is very easy http://www.palaceresorts.com/weddings/wedding-rfp-en.html hope this help you!!
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