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  1. I am toying around with different ideas for my bags right now so this is VERY helpful!
  2. These are great gifts!!! So far I'm giving mine: Stella&Dot necklace to wear to the wedding, cute wedge sandals to wear to the wedding, a clutch purse (they can use it the night of the wedding if they choose to), and a beach romper (to double as a 'getting ready outfit' the morning of the wedding). When I asked them to be my bridesmaids I already gifted them a fun basket with: a Stella&Dot friendship bracelet, nailpolish in my wedding color, tropical scented lotions, aloe and tanning lotion, small travel bag
  3. Peonies are VERY expensive (I was quoted $30 a single stem!) Things like gerbera daisies, babys breath, alstroemeria, lilys, and actually roses seem to be cheapest
  4. I used: ___ YES! We're packing our bags! ___Sorry, no, but we will send our well wishes from afar!
  5. mine comes with my photo package so I guess Im going to just do it....i think it will make for great memories!!
  6. I'M TRYING NOW TOO lol...100 more to go...
  7. Hi Ladies! I also switched from Dreams, but am going to get married on the Secrets side of the resort since we don't have any children attending. What a mess that was a few weeks ago trying to figure that out, but I am so happy now! The resort looks gorgeous (and new!) and I am loving the terrace for the reception. I am from the US, but I am curious about the room rate packages you got with Air Canada. Fatima quoted me on group room rates, and it is not until every 25th (!!!!) room that you get the free one, which I thought was strange, seeing as how at the Dreams it was every 6th room too...but I digress. How did you all go about getting group rates with Air Canada? I want to look for something similar with an airline/travel group here, but don't know where to start! Also, did you guys ask Fatima about room agreements too? I wonder if its a Secrets thing and I would be better doing the Now side to save some $... Thanks all!
  8. Here is a news article on the closing/renovations http://online.wsj.com/article/PR-CO-20131112-912635.html?dsk=y
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Jenny2014 I just spoke with my travel agent and he said my party should be okay, as we booked air and rooms together. I am sending in my wedding deposit form tonight/ tomorrow and will hopefully secure that in now. I don't see why a new owner wouldn't honour the bookings- I am worried about a price difference, but we will see what happens! Hey Jenny! Are you on the regular email string with all the Dreams PV brides? If not, I can add you if you'd like... There is a lot of hearsay, but apparently Dreams has canceled some of the other brides' weddings (in April) and other brides are switching locations too. Their guests aren't able to get reservations after April 20 because of the new ownership and potential construction. This info is coming from various parties including travel agents, contacts at the Dreams, etc., but all seems to still be unclear and there is not definitive answer. If you are able to still set your deposit and you already have your rooms booked for September, then that's awesome and you may not be affected by this!!!! The new owner's website says that the "re-branding" should be done in Q4 of 2014, so maybe it will be just perfect for your wedding!
  10. It looks like they got purchased by Playa Resorts by Hilton, and that re-branding for the Dreams PV will take place in Q4 of 2014. I imagine that that means on the interim it will continue to operate as is, and there will also be construction happening late next year. (this is not a FACT, just my speculation based on the website posting) http://playaresorts.com/about-3.php
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by elisa555 Sorry, I replied to the wrong post. (On my cell phone). I'm thinking of switching resorts also because I just got the news about Dreams PV shutting down on April 20th & my wedding is April 19th 2014. I'm happy to hear Fatima is over at Secrets Amber/Now as I was working with her too. Was there a bug price increase to switch to that resort? So glad others are posting about this. I kinda freaked out when I heard the news. No there wasn't a big price increase at all. Actually, the wedding packages are all the same prices...The cost for travel was fairly similar as well. If you are looking for more information, the new owner is going to be Playa Resorts by the Hyatt...http://playaresorts.com/ourResorts.php Looks like no changes will be made until Q3 2014, so your April wessing should be fine I would think. Sorry if this is repeat information (If you are on the big thread via email right now that one of the 2014 Dreams brides started) At least we are kinda getting answers now!
  12. So the only information I have gotten out of the wedding coordinator is that they will no longer be a Dreams/AMResort as of April 20 2014. They aren't able to confirm bookings or give prices for anything thereafter, and they dont know who the new owner will be. I don't trust the situation and it make me uneasy not knowing who will own them, if they are keeping it open, what the prices will be, my guests not being able to book until may, etc. etc. etc....so I am changing resorts. Now headed to the Secrets PV/Now Amber. They actually are transferring my deposit for me too. If anyone worked with Fatima when she was at Dreams PV, she is the new coordinator at SecretsPV/Now Amber too. Very excited
  13. I just got a note from the Dreams PV Rooms Coordinator about this. They are going to have a new owner come April. I am Devastated!!!! I sent back an email with lots of questions, because what I got was very vague...When I hear back I will post it!
  14. STemple - You are just a day after me! I'm October 22 in Puerto Vallarta. I am struggling right now too with save the dates and invites. I am going to send my save the dates in July or August (still working on designing them and need to get them printed, and I want to complete my website so its ready when they are sent...plus I need to finalize the invite list, which I'm finding is the WORST part!). I'm thinking that since those are going out over a year in advance, we will then do the invites in December with an RSVP deadline for March. I'm still so confused over whats too early, etc.,but hey, I'm a planner! lol I do plan on having an informal "RSVP" section on the website, so that way if people know for sure one way or the other they can use that before the actual response cards are requested. Who knows if people will actually use that though or stick to what they say, so I am not depending on it by any means!
  15. I was browsing Pinterest last night (as per usual.....I can't tell yet if I spend more time looking at Pinterest or reading BDW, as I'm obsessed with both!) and thought I would share this... http://www.basicinvite.com/ Seems like a really neat website to customize/design wedding invites and stationary. Havent looked into the nitty gritty/pricing details yet, but seems interesting so though I'd share with you brides that are DIYing!
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