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  1. Just wanted to provide an update to my previous post. We had our wedding reception at Villa Tranquila in Hacienda Pinilla a couple weeks ago. It was absolute perfection and I couldn't recommend it more strongly! The beauty of the villa far surpassed my expectations and the photos online don't do it justice in the least. I wanted to attach some photos of our reception set up for you to see, which I think shows its potential a bit better, but couldn't figure out how. You can see some on my profile gallery. The villa is perfect in that it is an easy (approx an hour) drive from Liberia airport
  2. I wanted to give you all some info about my upcoming wedding since I found it pretty difficult to find info on villas when I started planning. I will be getting married next week on Playa Langosta and having the reception at Villa Tranquila in Hacienda Pinilla. You can see the villa here...http://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p3002402 We didn't want to rent a villa in Manuel Antonio since our guests would have a major hike from any airport, so we decided to get married in the Tamarindo area since it's only an hour from Liberia airport. There's much fewer options for large villas in Guan
  3. Hi Billandstina! Thank you so much for your reply. We ended up deciding to go with a private villa instead, since we really wanted to maintain that intimacy factor at our reception. We also felt we'd have more customization options in terms of food, decor, etc. However...I will highly recommend the Diria to any guests who are not staying at the villa. FI and I have been to Costa Rica, as have my sister and her husband, so some of us are okay with going a bit more off the beaten path. I still wanted to have options for those who were a little less adventurous though. Thanks again!
  4. Hi everyone! I am trying to decide whether to have my wedding at a small hotel, or rent a private villa. Right now, I have decided on either a private villa at Hacienda Pinilla, or some boutique hotels- Bosque del Mar or Bahia del Sol. I'm also considering Diria Tamarindo even though it's a bit larger. Does anyone have any information on those hotels, or opinions on doing a hotel wedding vs. a private villa wedding? Any info would be much appreciated!
  5. Hello all! Just wanted to introudce myself. My name is Denise, and I will be getting married in Guanacaste, Costa Rica in January 2014. I'd love to connect with other brides who are getting married in CR, or any brides who are planning wedding receptions at private villas, since that is what I have decided to do. Good luck to you all with your own planning!
  6. Hi Nathie! I too am planning a wedding at a villa, and I am looking for some general tips from others who have done this in CR. I have found some great possibilities, and think I've narrowed it down to a private villa in Haciend Pinilla. But I would definitely suggest to start by looking on vrbo.com and homeaway.com. You can search by location and then narrow it down to the size house you are looking for. You'll be overwhelmed by the options. Good luck, and please share your progress!
  7. Hi Brides! I am getting married in the Tamarindo area in January 2014. Since we started planning, the idea was always to have a beach ceremony and a reception at a private villa for about 30 people. I'm working with a wonderful planner, and we're about to move forward with booking a large private villa in Hacienda Pinilla but I'm getting cold feet. I read some comments from a bride who had a villa wedding, and said her guests all changed out of their formal clothes and didn't dance once they got back to the villa. We want our reception to be small, private, romantic, yet FUN! I would con
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