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  1. Hi Chelsey, Did you use have your MC keep things rolling on schedule? I am concerned with the timeline and chain of events with there only being 3 hours for dinner, dancing etc.
  2. Just a few questions regarding the music system. When walking down the aisle and after the ceremony is there anyone to look after the music? I just need to know if I need to designate someone to work the ipod during the ceremony or if Jacki or someone else does this. Also, has anyone used the resort dj for the reception dance? Did you contact them ahead of time with music preferences and songs for first dance etc? Thanks for any help/info you can give
  3. thanks Chelsey, yes it is the same package the Silver (Dreams of Love package). Was it loud enough for the dinner/dance? I may just take my chances. Jacki told me I had to rent the sound system for $300.
  4. I was curious if you went with the dj or if you simply rented the sound system from El Patio? I was quoted $300USD to rent the soundsystem for the evening or we could hire the dj for $220/hr. I was thinking it would be possible to bring our Ipod ad dock and simply use the existing restaurant speakers etc without an additional cost. Guess this isnt the case. Do you have any other tips you could give? Did you have an MC or did things seem to flow seemlessly without? Thanks Sherryro
  5. Hi All, Can I ask what you tipped the wedding planner/ bartenders etc? I want to put these amounts in my budget so I can have a rough idea of how much cash to have on hand. Thanks!
  6. If anyone is in the Calgary area and wants to sell their chair sashes please let me know. I am looking for a purple/pink hue in organza or linen.
  7. Does anyone know what the cost is for chair sashes? Also, is it worth paying $500 to add a bonfire onto my welcome cocktail party? thanks
  8. Thank you so much for all your tips! Yes we are using the report photographer. If you didnt get chair covers included in the silver package what did the chairs look like? Were they the bamboo style or a nice white chair? If thats the case I might just go with the other wedding package...... we were thinking we needed the most expensive package but are finding we may not need some of the items.
  9. Hi ChelseaB, Congrats! How was the bonfire? was it worth the cost? I am thinking of skipping the cocktail hour but am not sure what the guests will do while we are off getting pictures. Can you please give feedback on the menu items you chose and if you substituted anything in or out of the wedding package? I am thinking of removing the massages and the mexican trio to get a credit to apply towards other items. What did you use for favors and did you bring your own chair sashes?
  10. I have seen the small travel sized Tylenol and Advil at Dollarama for $2 a piece and the small bottles of Tums for $2 a piece. I looked at some of the drug stores and Walgreens last weekend in Vegas with no luck. The pharmacist told me they no longer carry these items. Yes please let me know if you find the Off wipes!
  11. Just purchased some of the sandal shaped manicure sets from the Dollar Giant here in Calgary. Great find. They also have the QUO sandal manicure sets at Shoppers Drug Mart for $4.99 which is a great deal. Any other ideas for OOT bags? Has anyone been able to locate the sample packs of Tylenol/Pepto/Antacid? I looked while in the US last weekend but no luck there either
  12. Thanks for all the great pointers! What was the cost to extend the time in the restaurant for 1hr? Also did you go with a dj or just bring your own ipod dock? I am torn on what to do. I have been searching for the Bubba Kegs but they are all quite expensive when I have to buy 34-40. Great Idea with the chips and cookies, I was going to make a Costco run before leaving and bring down some goodies.
  13. I would love to get this from you, can you email it to me at:sherryr_13@hotmail.com? thanks again!
  14. Great idea for the bonfire. Your wedding is coming very soon, you must be so excited and busy! You will have to let us know when your back all about your experience, Best of luck and congrats!
  15. Thanks ChelseyB for your info! I have also read that the sit down is very long. Wow, $200 is great if we can forgo the cocktail hour and apply that to other expenses. Are you doing any add ons like bonfire or a meet and greet for your guests? We receive the free meet and greet cocktail hour for booking in March which is good for 50 guests and I was thinking of adding in a bonfire. Just an FYI - I have heard that you do not need to pay extra for additional cake for your guests above the persons as the cake is way too large for 20 persons and many people dont eat it anyways! If you have any other tips please let me know..... Are you doing welcome bags? We started purchasing items (beachbags, towels etc) but are realizing its going to take up atleast 2 suitcases so now we are reconsidering. What about decorations? I was going to take my chances with what the hotel has....... I might regret it :S
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