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  1. Question... does anyone know with the walkway to the Sunset Gazebo, when the red carpet is removed are there are spaces between the planks??? Trying to decide on shoes, and wondering if heels would get stuck? We have barefoot sandals for in the sand and stuff...but would like heels for the walking down the aisle part... THANKS
  2. I just booked the beach reception, it was $280 per hour which included the audio equipment with a DJ, so $560 for 2 hours (there was a bit of a break on the 3hrs, she quoted me $650.00). I was advised I could not book just the audio equipment for my reception, it has to come with the DJ to run it....which I am fine with, just going to have a MC to help make sure the DJ is playing the right stuff for our group. So for us at this point we have book the open bar at $25 per person, and the DJ/Audio Equipment for $560 for a 2 hr beach reception (we may up it to 3hrs still deciding). Just thought I would jump in with my recent booking details... lol Quote:Originally Posted by MrsShoreytobe Hey you! I ditto the thanks people have offered you so far Sounds like the day was a blast.  Hubby to be and I are really trying to nail down what is most important to us and what we believe is worth paying for...The beach reception, however, seems quite feasibly at 25 pp, even without the food you got *although it looked awesome!*.  I wasn't quite sure if I could tell the set up of the reception, but our coordinator, Guillermo (aka Memo) showed us a pic that looks like the seats are all lined up one after another, and when I asked if we could simply have circular tables, he said a different set up would be extra (what the heck isn't extra anyways...grr)...Anyways, with that said, do you have any more pics of the set up for guests?   Also, I saw you hired a DJ, and from my queries about audio equipment, this is definitely extra, at like 560 for 2 hrs. Is this what you paid for your audio equipment or was the equipment automatic with your DJ?  Basically, if we could have a private area for just a few hrs to do speeches and dance on the beach, with liquor in hand, that's what we'd like to do. Even if it was inside. Point being, the Chill Out looks fantastic, but the cost is astronomical to me.  If you have any input on my above ramble and questions, that would be MUCH appreciated!
  3. Hi I have heard & read from multiple people that their photographer is really good, however I have heard & read mixed things about the DJ. Apparently if you have an MC who can assist the DJ, or help direct them towards the types of music your group likes then it generally works out a lot better. We are definitely going with their DJ for our beach reception afterwards. Cheers! Quote:Originally Posted by n0tURavrgeBride Hi all!!! Now I'm starting to move on to my my phase 2 planning.... picking flowers, cake, chairs and all of that good stuff (all the option that the resort gives to you at least). However, I have a few questions and hope you guys can help me out...... Does anyone know of how good their DJ is, as well as the photographers???? I can NOT imagine playing music out of a CD PLAYER on the day of my wedding, so i'm really concerned about the whole music thing. I want to be able to party and dance on that day, so music is essential to me. Not sure if I should look for an outside photographer or if the resort ones are good enough, if anyone has any tips, advice or has had some experience with their photographer please help!! Thanks!!
  4. Hi, They had no issues booking me in for May 1, 2014, 4:00pm at the Sunset Gazebo. I have multiple confirmations from them (as does my Travel Agent, who even called to re-verify over the phone on top of the emails), and have even booked most of my additional items now, restaurant, DJ, beach reception... so I find that really odd... but it wouldn't be the first odd thing that has come from them as I have from read various other peoples posts on some of the other boards. Cheers, Amanda
  5. Hi I am getting married May 1st, 2014 at the Sunset Gazebo...stil finalizing dinner plans and such!!! They asked me for the same thing in regards to my credit card, or there is a wire transfer option as well... the deposit was $200 which I was fine with paying. Make sure to save all your emails from them and print them out and bring them along with you!