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  1. I went through Destination Wedding Wish. They work with Signature Vacations. -Alyn
  2. Thank you everyone for your help. I will have to keep sending her emails, call her, and just keep on trying.... Alyn
  3. Hi Everyone, After having read all the comments and information and finally getting caught up, I am feeling somewhat sour at my wedding coordinator. Only because I am set to get married on January 14, 2013, however, I haven't been able to book the restaurant or the ceremony location. The only thing confirmed is the date and time. My wedding coordinator at the grand palladium advised me that she will not be looking at planning my wedding until about 2-months before the actual wedding date. Has anyone else had any issues with planning their wedding / wedding coordinator? Should I be concerned? What if I don't get the ceremony location that I wanted or the restaurant? Starting to get stressed here, and that is the last thing I wanted....Any advice? Alyn
  4. MJones, we are flying out of Winnipeg, and we got a group rate of $1598 taxes already included, which I thought was a really good price! Although, many of my family members and guests still complained about the price. I had looked around many of the prices ranged around $1600 plus taxes.
  5. Hi, silly me (I'm new to this), I tried to reply but it went somewhere else....so you may see my response twice on this thread....I am leaning towards orange, but haven't yet decided. Have you decided what colour option you will be going with? As with the flowers, I am finding the options on the GP website quite expensive, so I am looking around for either DIY projects or for outside vendors that provide alternatives at a lower cost. The mayan pearl package does include the brides bouquet, groom's boutanniere, and ceremony decorations, but I would really love to have my bridesmaid and grooms men have flowers and boutannieres as well. Will you be decorating your reception as well (ie, centerpieces?)
  6. Hi, I haven't decided yet which colour to go for with the package. I'm thinking either the pink one or the orange one. As far as flowers go, I am finding the ones from their website quite expensive. I have been looking around for outside vendors and or DIY projects to see if there are less expensive options/alternatives. Have you decided what colour you will be going with?
  7. Hello Everyone! I am new to this website and thread. I have been browsing through all the information, and all seems so great and wonderful! My fiancé and I will be doing our legalities prior to leaving for Mexico, and we are doing our wedding/renewal at the Grand Palladium Riviera Colonial on January 14, 2014 in the evening. Has anyone been married here, will be getting married here and/or attended a wedding at this location? We have decided to go with the Mayan Pearl Package, but still haven't decided on whether or not to do the beach bash because we don't know exactly how many people will be attending. Can't wait to hear from you guys, any help and/or ideas would be greatly appreciated! Alyn