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  1. Hey! My wedding was amazing even though it rained, my celiac friend has been able to eat the whole time jerk hut was closed every time she tries to go lol but she said she thinks she will b able to eat it. I got my hair and makeup done at the renova spa n Stephanie did a fantastic job I showed her a picture n she nailed it! Just do ur own mascara lol they never get that right.
  2. 90 everyday w chance if rain everyday but very hot at night too. I think u pay extras w cash keisha said.
  3. . Hey mrs Jane I have a celiac person coming to our wedding! We r here now when she gets here I will write on here what she says!!
  4. I know everything looks great but defiantly a little pricey. I couldn't believe what the resort was charging for colored napkins crazy!
  5. What is everyone doing for centerpiece's? Can't think of what to do
  6. Yes u can bring all of that but if you want to use petals anywhere u have to use real ones
  7. 350 just for an hour of video I'm still getting a package lol
  8. I think I am going to book brian I emailed him today n he said he can cover the ceremony n a bit of getting ready n a little after the ceremony for 350. Sweet! Do you know how much the vendor fee is ?
  9. Hey Danielle I'm just don't k ow if one of my family members video if they will get the voices? But I guess they should have microphones. I was looking into brian the photographer he seems pretty cool through email n prices are not horrible like some I've checked out n pics look great! When r u getting married
  10. Hi Danielle and Ashley I think I'm going to book an outside photographer too cause the Riu one us soo expensive n pics don't look to good. Did u decide on a videographer? I really only want the ceremony videoed but it's soo expensive n can't see paying the vendor fee for a video guy for 2 hours.
  11. Haha so is mine not a big smiler. Prices are def crazy ugh this sucks hopefully everything else is easy
  12. Have you looked into photographer n videographer? The elite photos look really nice but def pricey?
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