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  1. We are doing one because it is included in our package! Hopefully we can catch one of the beautiful waterfalls in Jamaica!
  2. Good thread...I'm having anxiety thinking about bringing everything down - OOT bags, wedding favors, programs, table numbers, escort cards, card boxes, cake toppers, etc. Any recommendations? We are getting married in Jamaica and I've heard that shipping things there can be unreliable, so I don't want to do that. My fiance and I may pack a few extra bags and ask some of our family members to each take an extra bag for us...
  3. I am right there with you - My Dad is not attending my wedding in Jamaica for various reasons. We have a pretty good relationship and he loves my fiance, so it's pretty difficult. I have known this for quite some time now so have gotten over it the best I can. I am going to have my mom walk me down the aisle and I won't be doing a dance (obvi!). The one thing that I'm having a hard time with is figuring who should be my mother's escort during introductions - I don't have any brothers or male cousins...gotta figure that one out!
  4. For 5 nights in a 5 star all-inclusive in Jamaica with flights from Boston is around $1,500 pp. I know this is a lot for guests to pay so I am encouraging my BMs to keep the costs for everything else down - bachelorette party, shower, etc.
  5. Hi Ladies, How are people addressing their envelopes for invitations - handwriting, printing or professional calligraphy? I need to get mine out STAT - there are about 64 of them. I don't want to pay for calligraphy and my handwriting gets pretty bad after a few. Is printing on your envelopes tacky? If anyone has printed, can you recommend a good, free program to use? Any other tips? Thanks!
  6. We did magnet Save the Dates so nothing on the back. But for the back of our response cards, we did an outline of Jamaica with a heart on Montego Bay and our names in our invitation font - it looks really good!
  7. I'm getting married on 5/24/14 at Hummingbird Hall in Rose Hall and I have booked Joni for my makeup. Although my wedding is nine months away, Joni has been GREAT! She is very prompt with communication and is such a sweetheart. Although I haven't used her services yet, I would definitely recommend her on her customer service alone! I can't wait to see her magic on our wedding day!
  8. Hey Ladies, I am a May 2014 bride. We are staying at the Iberostar Rose Hall Grand but we are getting married at a venue off the resort called Hummingbird Hall (our preferred date was already booked at the resort). Have you given any thought as to how you're going to transport all your wedding stuff - namecards, programs, attendant gifts, OOT bag stuff, cake topper, toasting glasses, etc? My fiance and I went on a 4 day vacation to Chicago last weekend and packed two suitcases just for that...lol! We are now stressed about how the heck we're going to pack for a 10-day trip AND our wedding...YIKES! Also, we've sent our Save the Dates, but invitations haven't gone out yet...when is everyone planning on sending theirs? Thanks, Kat
  9. I'm WAY behind too! 10 months to go - no dress, save the dates are not out yet. The only thing we've done is booked the venue, guest list made and wedding website made. Hoping to get the STDs out within a week and book our photographer and hair/makeup within the next week. I've been dress shopping twice and have two appointments next week but still no luck! All that being said, the family drama sure has started!!!
  10. Hi CaribbeanBelle! Thanks so much for sharing your experience! We are staying at the Iberostar Rose Hall Grand and I think most of our guests will either stay there or at the Iberostar Rose Hall Suites. We had a travel agent book us a block of rooms at both. As far as vendors, I'm just gathering quotes from videographers/photographers. We LOVE Elite Media Concepts work, but the price is steep so we also checked out Epic Weddings but only saw one example. Their price is very reasonable, though. Still working through all those details. Haven't even starting thinking about hair/makeup vendors yet....one step at a time Congrats to you too!
  11. Hey Everyone, I just signed the contract for HH for 5/24/14! I am a little weary, though, that they only take the deposit by wire transfer and do not accept credit cards. Did anyone else feel the same way and how was the experience? Other than this, the venue is spectacular and all of my interaction with the employees has been excellent. Thanks, Kat
  12. Hello, We are getting married at Hummingbird Hall in Montego Bag on 5/24/14. I don't want to use just any old photographer. Any recommendations for photographer/videographer in Jamaica. I am hoping not to have to give a kidney to pay for them either. If you've had a Jamaican wedding and have pics, please share! Thanks, Kat
  13. Hello, We just confirmed our date of May 24, 2014 at Hummingbird Hall in Jamaica. Our guests will be staying at the Iberostar Rose Hall Suites. Any other Hummingbird Hall brides out there? We are currently looking for photographer/videographer recommendations in Jamaica - any suggestions? Thanks! Kat
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