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  1. Hello there, Congrats & thank you for this amazing review. I will be getting married there 5/2/15. My WC is Johanna is she is exermely slow in reponding to my emails. I'm going with the Ultimate package but I know I will be going over the 20 guest. Do you mind if I ask how much you paid for the buffet? My other major concern is the decor. Did you have to pay extra for things you brought with you? Do you have any picture you can share? Thank you.
  2. Yes, awesome review. I would love to see pictures of the ceremony & ballroom set up. I'm still debating on what extras I want or if I even need them. Thank you.
  3. Exactly the reason why I wanted to purchase all my items here little by little as my day is a year away and ship them to DR. (we have family out there) so how much is this fee for bringing your own decor?
  4. I was planning on doing the same thing and bring my own decor to save money. I think its ridiculous to have to pay a fee however. My WC is Christina but I'm still waiting for her to send me a list of all the extras.
  5. Hi ladies! I just placed my deposit for 10/25/14. Looking forward to sharing ideas and helping each other with questions. Happy planning.
  6. Could you share you price list for decor? My email is srivera@lifespan.org
  7. Could you please send me the spreedsheet as well? srivera@lifespan.org. Appreciate it!!
  8. Melissa did you get this question answered? We have two DJ's in my family attending the wedding so I really only need the sound system as well.
  9. I'm torn between having my reception at Dreams Palm Beach or going offsite to Jellyfish. Anyone else battling the same decision? I was also wondering if someone could send me the current prices for Jellyfish. My email is suerivera24@gmail.com
  10. Hope you had a nice trip to Punta Cana. How was your meeting with Mayte? Are you still going with Jelly Fish? I'm still waiting to hear if my date is available.
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