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  1. I was married at GBP riviera maya on Dec 19,2013. We did the legal wedding. Our wedding coordinator Maria said it would take 2.5 months (maximum of 3) to receive the apostilled marriage certificate in Canada. It's been just more than 3 months and I'm wondering how long it took other brides to get theirs? Thanks Emilie
  2. Hi Kat, Our ceremony only took about 20 minutes, so you should be fine for time. Although I am not a photographer. We were there in December when the days are really short and at that time the sun went down around 5pm. The days should be getting longer now. We ate at the Porto Fino Restaurant. I just wanted to let everyone know that we did the legal wedding ceremony, blood test and all. We were allowed to exchange our own vows during the ceremony before the exchange of rings. I know that other brides have experienced different things, but I just wanted to let everyone know it i
  3. Hello, I still had a bridal shower as a way to include people who could't attend the wedding. We however did not have a stag and doe (buck and doe, jack and jill) or one of those types of events which are common in my community. We also requested no wedding gifts from our guests as they were paying to attend. We also paid for the majority of the wedding party out fits. I had the same situation and I was worried also, because I read with one bride that they didn't forward the paperwork or she didn't ask for it and then they showed up anyways I personally gave them all the info they w
  4. Hi Everyone, I got married on December 19th, 2013. We stayed from December 15-29th (our guests stayed from December 15-22). We did the "Unforgettable" wedding package, LEGAL wedding. Hotel we stayed at: Coba Hair: Coba Spa Ceremony: Tulum Gazebo Dinner: Porto Fino Reception: Arrecife Jacuzzi Pool (Coba) We brought our photographer from Toronto. If anyone would like me to speak to anything or write a review please let me know.
  5. Does anyone know if "gratuities" are part of the wedding package, DJ cost etc? For the ladies that are already married (or those soon to be) what did you tip or how much are you planning to tip. I'm struggling with this one because its not all that clear.
  6. I'm wondering about your marriage certificate, did you have the legal wedding and the appostilled certificate was given to you before you departed for home? We are also staying and extra week and that would be more ideal than the mail.
  7. Tlseege, Can you offer some advice about wedding day schedules for photos? We are bringing our canadian photographer with us. Our ceremony is at 4pm at the Tulum gazebo, 6-8pm dinner at Porto Fino and then 8-11pm coba poolside reception. The sun apparently sets at 5pm. (Dec 19 wedding). Our photographer was thinking about doing photos before the ceremony. I am just a little worried about melting in the heat or getting my dress dirty. We would do group shots after the ceremony. We might be able to move just the ceremony up to 3pm as an alternative and then do all photos after the ceremony befor
  8. Apparently I can't spell or construct effective sentences this morning. Hopefully you can still understand what I was trying to say. Lol
  9. Hi Ladies, I just thought I'd offer an option an idea for favours. We were going to do luggage tags for all of our guests on the dinner table as favours. We actually ended up deciding to do a donation to the OSPCA (Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals- i.e. Humane Society), my fiance and I are animal lovers so we chose this charity. After donating we got a pdf template for a little "tent" card for the wedding dinner table, it says "In Honour of _____(guest)______ a donating was made in lieu of wedding favours" with the charity logo etc. and has a spot to put each guests
  10. Fernando the makeup artist, was he from the resort? Which spa because there are a couple at the resort (coba and akumal?)
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by worstbride Vacation was awesome, I had good service the whole time and my air conditioner kicked ass. Which is really my #1. The a la cartes were amazing and definitly worth going to. The buffet was average to below average. It was too hit or miss. I can tell you all the things that went wrong in the wedding. Eugenia was pretty much useless, and I can honestly say the day of the wedding I actually found her rude. Which to me seems ridiculous because I am not pushing or anything like that when it comed to weddings. She told my aunt to put up some decor
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by worstbride I just came back from my wedding as well. Hammock location at Akumal... and I hate to say it but if I actually cared about weddings at all I would be FURIOUS. However i don't really so it all went well, I ended up married and thats all that matters right? If anyone wants it I will write a full detailed review. Here is a link to the youtube video of the ceremony. It isn't great quality but shows kind of how it goes down, and things you might need to contend with. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPKXJiAWlE0 If you have any questions and want an ho
  13. Where was that 6th photo taken?? The one with the pillar and lights and you're in the shadows, I need one just like it!!!
  14. I need some info about the resort DJ. Do they use a computer, iPod, CDs? If I want to bring my own music for the DJ what should I bring it on? Does anyone have any input about the resort music for the ceremony? What's it like?
  15. What about frisbees for the kids? Or little disposable waterproof cameras. Or a little backpack?
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