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  1. That very well may be the case. Never the less we should have at least even told the venue was booked and if the wind shifts it could interfere with our reception. I didn't realize the beach reception spot was directly infront of the zavaz plaza. They have the knowledge of the venue and we trust them to use that knowledge to help us think of things we wouldn't. Having to tell my dad there would be no father daughter dance was definitely not the highlight of my wedding. Privacy issues aside, a simple a wedding is booked with a dj so u might get drowned out is all I would have needed I would have did my reception different.
  2. I had Lynda. During the process I thought she was good enough. But after the wedding I changed my opinion. We brought our own sound system with us. Which would have worked fine. Except everyone failed to tell us that a wedding with a DJ was on the beach (we were plaza zavaz). So we couldn't do anything but listen to their trance. We got a first dance in and that was it. No father daughter dance etc. when I emailed my reaction to Linda on that and a couple other things (as a keep in mind, not I require a fix)..well that was in March - I'm still waiting for a reply. Totally unprofessional. Ask Lynda, get it in writing what wedding receptions are currently booked and for where. Like I said our sound system was fitting the bill until the other dj got going.
  3. I was in the exact same boat - with the main exception i was browsing this site about two months out from my wedding and saw it had been changed...no email no warning no nothing. I was less than thrilled with the lack of communication - in person its very nice, but i would just add some solid colour to it to help make you pop out a bit. I did get comments about how I 'blended' in between the gazebo and the table linen....
  4. I got them for the old brown gazebo on the sky deck. I highly recommend getting colour of some sort in there because i had a couple ppl say that i just blended in and they couldn't really see the detail in my dress....just what you want to hear on your wedding day LOL. I got the original sheers from frabric land but i'm not sure what size the new gazebo is. Its big though. If you are over 5'10 i reccomend don't doing the sheers across the front - standing there (i'm 6'0) it would have blocked my head.
  5. I actually had them 'gifted' by resort because i had gone out and bought my sheers based on the old gazebo and wasn't informed on the change so i kinda caused a stir becuase i was pretty upset about the wasted money. Hey all - i can't post pics here because i don't have enough posts - but do check out Sarani weddings. She has uploaded some of our wedding pics - and also has her weddings organized by hotel so you can see all the azul ones she has done! You can also see the Trash the dress photos she does
  6. Hi All; I just was married on February 20, 2014. I am an A type personality, and found planning very stressful because i want to know everything from every angle and be prepared for any mis step. I knew planning a desitination wedding (at a resort i have never been to, in a location i have never visited) was going to be a challenge. I felt my wedding coordinator was lack luster with giving me information, i felt likei had to pull teeth to get anythng - it was STRESSFUL. HOWEVER....once i got to the resort - showed the coordinators pictures of what i wanted, they executed everything amazingly! i had lights inside the gazebo, on the pillars, i had candles and center peices, chinese lanterns etc. all that was $250 USD set up which i was told at the time of our consultant meeting (took 500 just in case). The coordinators on site are great - they balane each other out perfectly - we just dropped our suitcases off with everything we had (they do nickle and dime you, so i made and brought everything) but if i had to do it again, with the number of ppl we had (21) i might have just sucked it up and payed to save my self the head ache of searching online for stuff. The memorable moments packages came out after i bought all my decor - but they quoted to charge me 250/table WITHOUT center pieces - so keep that in mind before falling in love with anything. I planned everything up to the wedding day, i just figured they would tell me the timeline...my mistake..but i loved my wedding, and even without putting thought into the events of the actual wedding day - it turned out FABULOUS!! If you have already booked - have faith, "this is the best vaction ever" "best wedding ever" Best idea ever" "a wedding done right" are things you are going to hear A LOT OF! If you are thinking of booking, keep thinking about it! this is a $$ place, but worth it! (we are all cheap so that is saying something!!). We really kept the "what would this have cost us at home" mentality -that realllly helped (base wedding here for a community hall type wedding runs 20G+) Just take a breather, go through some past brides wedding photos on a beach and remind yourself why you picked this to begin with!
  7. Hi Kingz85! I downloaded the wedding DJ app to my iphone - i cancelled the password and gave my phone to the wedding coordinator to use. The sound quality on the SKY Deck using my playlist was awesome - i could hear it as i was coming up the stairs clear as day. I used Claire De Lune and just instruction my FI which part to start walking...they played the whole thing and the whole song of mine(i timed when to start walking so it would end at a decent time). If you plan on using a docking station only for your reception - ask what other weddings are around you, and what they are doing because the other wedding on the beach had a DJ and we didn't (i was told we were the only wedding that day) - so we were forced to cut our reception plan short to accomodate their music. I think it really depends on what you want out of your destination wedding and who you are inviting. My wedding was mainly older couples or couples looking for a relaxing getaway. The Azul is isolated, which fit our needs well. I really wanted a low key easy calm vacation for everyone - i also wanted them to really take the time and spoil themselves (we have the type of parents that 'don't want to spend OUR inheritance....annoying) so we figured they would be forced to do something they typically never would if a wedding was attached. For us it worked out perfect...i felt like we had the whole resort to ourselves as we were all roomed in the same two builings and were very close - and at night everyone went to the mojito lounge for partying! If you want to do alot of stuff OFF the resort - this may not be the place because it is far.
  8. I'm not 100% sure, but we had to go south through Playa Del Carmen...i was Azul something or other. I'm not sure anyone tried - i'm not very techy - so i'm sure there is a way. The feed was apparently very very good.
  9. I got back from my wedding on February 24....the hotel is amazing...truly amazing. I had a lot of complaints about the cost of attending and by the end of the week every one said it was worth every penny. There were a few issues on the wedding day, didn't ruin anything by any means but it really has started wearing on me thinking about it more and more. 1) we were the only sky deck wedding that day, and in the initial talks we had a hard time getting anything earlier than 5 (finally got 4) but earlier would have been nicer (not a huge deal but they made it sound really busy). 2) we didn't have a DJ, just a docking station, which would have been fine except for the wedding on the beach behind us (we used the terrace gazebo) they had a DJ that started right after our dinner, so we got our first dance in, and that was it. With this being the only other wedding i'm surprised they didn't move them further down the beach - my dad was very upset to not get a father daughter dance (i refused to do that to trance lol). 3) we also had them start tearing down right at 10 - we were still sitting around chatting enjoying everything and ladders were brought out and lights turned off - not much warning on that one. the other wedding on the beach had until 11 - 4) they have a market there on thursdays so we couldn't do pictures infront of the hotel (a ot of traffic) or on the amazing stair case because of the market lights and the amount of people (i wish they would have told me this) 5) after being told for three days straight that the photographer "was driving in with our complimentary photo" we still left with nothing with the promise that it would be mailed.....i am not holding my breath -this one really frustrated me - and i'm hoping this is lessened with my photographers photos because the hotel photgrapher got the first shot of us at the end of the aisle and from what i could tell - in the way of our paid photographer. So i would like to see that picture. 6. my attendant checked in while i was in the spa and asked if i needed anything - i said not right now but will when we get back to the room, and i never saw her again - thank god for my MIL coming to the room to do up my dress otherwhise i would have been hooped. Other than these small things (really didn't ruin the day, just wish communication was more free flowing) the wedding was amazing. We did the sky deck (SOOO WINDY) and the zocalo gazebo (much bigger than i was anticipating) we had the BBQ which was delicious and they even did a signature drink (not requested but it was such a nice gesture) the staff is great and really - nothing goes off without a hitch and the issues i encountered (outside of the other dj) did not come close to tarnishing the day in any means. I would still do things exactly the same!! My photographer was Sarani - and let me tell you- she is worth it! I can't wait tosee my photos - she put me at ease and i felt like i had known her for years.... you guys are in good hands! Oh and for those of you doing the sky deck - the video streaming worked amazingly for those at home. It was so windy a lot of the guests couldn't hear us (even though we had a mic). In my opinion - the SKY Deck is worth EVERY penny.
  10. Ours is coming in around 15 - but after our dollar fell below parity i had to up our budget a couple thousand to pay the vendors.
  11. You would still be paying the conversion amount though? is the hotel letting you settle up down there? i'm just finalizing all my details and would not want to carry that much in cash - but i also don't want to pay an extra 2.5% by using my credit card....i feel like such a newb
  12. Here is a question I haven't seen...probably because it hasn't been much of an issue... My question is this..now that our dollar isn't at parity...how are you dealing with conversion rates? all my costs (hotel/photographer etc) are all invoicing me in USD. I am stuck paying an extra 760 for some services just in conversion costs!!! I am a newbie to international shopping, what is the best way to pay these? Credit card is out because they charge an extra 2.5% on top of the conversion..... I would love your ideas and what you are doing!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by KTBeach2014 Does anyone know if they plan to put a roof back on the Gazebo at Zavas Plaza?!?! I know the construction will be complete by my wedding date, but I like the look of the gazebo with a roof. Thanks for the help! I got an email from my WC today - and they do plan on putting the roof back up, just no ETA on that. She said it would be done by my wedding in Febuary (I would have hoped so!). So you should be A.OK.
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