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  1. @m8chow thank you very much,, I really enjoyed every minute of our week in Punta Cana,,& our wedding!!) Happy planning!!
  2. Thank you ladies, we had 120 adults & 6 kids. We did request to cover all the walls with drapes & spot lighting. We also had the photo booth for an hour & a live band all in the same room . The space was perfect.
  3. We are back from our dream,, wedding!!! Ladies stop worrying!!! They are experts!!!
  4. Italy2013,,, wow,, sorry about your sons wife,, bomber ,, super excite and nervous,, I only paid for a few family members to go with us over to Punta Cana,, everyone else is paying for their flight reservations. I also have a dress fitting in a few weeks,, i think is so early to do it,, but the insisted,,, it must be done this early,, your numbers sure did increase on your guest!! Lol i know the feeling!! Lol best of luck
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