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  1. Just returned from my amazing wedding last Friday at Dreams Tulum! Legal ceremony, 33 people, outside DJ, outside photographer. I will write up a formal review when I have time but if anyone has any questions feel free to message me or email me at coolcalcium@hotmail.com – I remember how confused I was about so many things before I left so I’d love to help with any questions anyone has! lindsey
  2. Hi Kristin - I'm arriving on Feb 2nd and wedding on the 7th. What kind of stuff will you be bringing?
  3. Please help! - I'm struggling to know which place to choose for the reception. I will have about 35 guests and maybe 4 tables. My main concern is privacy. I'd love to be on the beach, but am worried how the dj and dance will be set up as I don't want to go for the dance floor. Any thoughts from previous tulum brides would be much appreciated!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by pattel712 By chance do you still have the email for the spa so I can get that information too??? Thanks again! Ya! They are extremely nice and easily to deal with: spa6.dretu@dreamsresorts.com
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by pattel712 Hi Coolcalcium, I am wondering how much the "bridesmaid special" is?? I am just starting to look into some of these details for my bridesmaids. Thanks!! Well it's really not much of a deal- $100 for hair, makeup and champagne. They sent me a flyer with all the services including the "new" specials.
  6. Thanks BeaBride! I booked my bridesmaids the "bridesmaid special" hair and makeup champagne package. I then booked my mom and the groom's mom for hair, we are all so excited to get prettied up!
  7. Hi All! My wedding is in less than three months so I'm just wondering when the wedding packet comes when we make our choices? Is it email or mailed to me? My next question is, if there are 2-3 weddings the day I'm married, how do they decide who gets what if everyone wants one reception location? Last question, who do I contact to make my hair and makeup appointments? I want to make SURE I get a spot first thing on my day and its kind of freaking me out if I don't. Thank you thank you fellow knowledgeable brides!
  8. I'm very confused how much to bring...when I think about it I get completely overwhelmed. I think definitely organza chair ties for the ceremony, and then table decos as I'm not sure how much more I can possibly cram into other people's bags?
  9. Hey Guys - any upcoming brides? This thread seems to have slowed lately but maybe because it's summer! I'm getting married at DT in Feb 2014. I'm just starting to get my ideas for colours and favors and everything else!
  10. I'm in Van! February 2014 Dreams Tulum! Any local destination brides around?
  11. Hey Tasha - I was wondering the same thing - did you find out anything?
  12. Hi everyone! I recently found this site and I can see it's going to be very helpful! I just got engaged and I've spent a lot of time looking at individual places in Mex/Hawaii/Carib, but it's so overwhelming. Any tips on how to narrow down a place that doesn't break the bank for guests yet would put on a totally wonderful and professionally planned wedding/reception/extra shenanigans? I'm really focused on it being not too expensive so I can get as many people to come as possible. Thank you!
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