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  1. PS I'd love feedback on what you think of using the straps and belt, neither, both or either!
  2. Ok, here are some pics of my DressilyMe dress on! I have a 2 hoop fishtail petticoat on underneath, think I'll make the hoops a teeny bit smaller when I have the dress shortened. The veil isn't the one I will be wearing. Please excuse the sheet I'm standing on to keep the dress clean and the various wedding packaging strewn about the place! Mum had to take the pics from the patio hence the strange photos of the door and net curtains, sorry they aren't the best.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by SweetheartAggie I did it! I finally ordered my dress from BabyOnline. Sunny has been so great to work with and very responsive. I washing to order the Inbal dress but after trying on a similar dress - it's not the right style for me... I need more support in the front due to having a large chest. I found a Pnina custom dress I LOVED so I'm jumping the gun and ordering it. What do you think?!?! I'm actually really excited. Instead of pinks I requested shades of ivory & creams. What do I think? I think you have fantastic taste in dresses!!! Really beautiful, please post pics when you get it! It looks so "organic" somehow with the really soft looking skirt just melting into the dress. Congrats on taking the plunge I tried on my dressilyme dress properly with my mum this afternoon and I'm in love with it Will post pics later (probably tomorrow now), can't tonight as H2B is next to me.
  4. Thankyou so so much for the kind comments! They mean a lot, especially as I can't show my bridesmaid (she just got engaged a few days ago so don't want to steal her "moment"!) or Mum (away until weds) so its lovely to have feedback and encouragement It is so well constructed. 12 bones. Five layers - lace on tulle, soft tulle, thick satin, hard net and a soft silky inner skirt to keep the hard net from touching my legs. Anyone considering ordering from DressilyMe...DO IT! The sooner you order the less time you have to wait for it to arrive haha. It is a little long which is strange as I am 6ft tall and had planned to wear flat shoes but maybe I'll just have to wear heels now. A hoop might help a bit too Ooh yes, the colour is perfect. Normal bridal shop Ivory, not cream, not white, not yellowy or alabaster or oyster just a nice slightly creamy ivory. Thankyou for your guidance on that! Heres 2 more pics , the bodice (on the floor and not a great angle, sorry) and the lace edge of the skirt.
  5. It came it came it came!! I'm overwhelmed by how lovely it is! I don't have any pics of it on me yet (and won't for a few days), and have hardly had a chance to look at it properly but from the light speed try on I did the workmanship is awesome and design is beautiful! For anyone who doesn't want to scroll back through the thread, my dress is a modified version of Kitty Chen Ruby ordered from DressilyMe. Here is the DM link http://www.dressilyme.com/p-stunning-satin-tulle-a-line-bateau-neckline-natural-waistline-wedding-dress-38078.html I asked for a sweetheart neckline, laceup back, detachable straps, detachable belt and a longer train. Here are a couple of pics of details until I can get some proper pics : This is the belt and detachable straps. The belt looks nothing like the one in the photo but I like it anyway! I like the way they made the satin a slightly more champagney colour so that it stands out better. A close up of the lace on the detachable straps. http://www.weddinginspirasi.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/aire-barcelona-2013-rafaela-beaded-lace-fit-flare-wedding-dress.jpg these are the ones I asked for - I'm very happy with their interpretation! One of the appliques on the tulle skirt. Gorgeous Some of the appliques aren't sew down as firmly as I would like, so might have to check a few. The lace on the bodice. No beading, despite the listing saying there is beaded lace appliques, but thats fine because the original doesn't have beads and I was worried they would add huge sequins or something! I haven't added the corset strap yet Overall I'm really impressed so far! I tried it on very briefly and its super-tight on the thighs so will have to get it adjusted (despite a seamstress measuring me), but its still a bargain
  6. I'm so excited and nervous waiting for the arrival of my dress, I'm stalking the FedEx page and noticed that they have included package dimensions and weight! So the package with my dress in it is 12x9x9 inches and weighs 6.4 lbs / 2.9 kgs !! I find the weight of it reassuring! I won't be able to get photos of it on me for a few days but will share my thoughts on it soon after it arrives I found the posts of other ladies on this board SO helpful so want to return the favour. I have to go to an appointment for an hour or 2 later and really hoping my DressilyMe arrives before then because my neighbours are at work and won't be able to sign for it on my behalf!
  7. My dress has just been dispatched by DressilyMe!!! Due to arrive 6pm (GMT) Monday by FedEx. I'm so excited, but a little annoyed as just last week I got them to agree to send me pictures of the dress....so nervous!
  8. Sialing that is stunning too!!!! Wow babyonline did a great job with it! Are you happy? From the pics it looks perfect!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by vivaliciouschic Hey suffolk, I can certainly do that for you as I need to keep taking it out of the breathable wedding gown bag so it doesnt have a permanent fold on the dress. Need to dry clean it but my wedding isnt until next year March. Over excited much? Lol. I'll have to wait until maybe 2 months before the wedding to alter it Thankyou! I'm not surprised you are excited, that dress is a stunner What was the original/inspiration dress? I'm so glad DressilyMe came through for you, its crazy to think of how much money you saved by taking the plunge. The buttons down the back look so elegant
  10. Hi Cynthia, if you are a new poster it can take a while for your posts to appear as they seem to be checked by moderators Hope this helps x
  11. Wow Vivalicious, your dress is stunning! I'm glad you are happy with it! They did such a good job with it. It makes me feel even more excited about my DressilyMe dress seeing how well yours turned out I'd love to see some more pics of close up details If you do take any more pics, would you mind taking a pic of the inside of the bodice? Apologies for not seeing your posts sooner, I've been away at my brothers wedding in another part of the country. My new SIL's dress cost £4,000...over $6,000USD. She did look stunning in it though. It will be interesting to see how my £160 Dressily gown compares!
  12. Ooooh so your dress is on its way now?? You must be so excited! I asked for functional buttons on top of a zip and they said they wouldn't include the loops to cover the zip so went with lace up instead, you did well to get them to agree to it! Please post pics of your dress, I'd love to see it! How did you get them to send you pictures? They told me that they couldn't as they are too busy at this time of year x
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