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  1. Just realizing how we repeated things from the precedent review
  2. Hi Lori, We will also be at the Now Jade from May 3-10 and our wedding is on May 7. Don't worry, you're not the only one, we are leaving in less than 5 days and are not fully ready yet. Still working on our playlist, as I write this post. We have 36 guests, majority of our group is in mid-30's too. I had the same concern and really hope it will be a bit lively when we are there. Maybe with our 2 groups, we will be able to put some ambiance at the sports bar/disco of the hotel Have a nice trip! What day is your wedding again? We are leaving on Saturday!
  3. Thanks for sharing! We also hired Sascha Gluck and our wedding is on May 7! Got excited reading your review!
  4. Aaaah!! We are all starting to get stressed! May weddings are coming up FAST! We sent our paperwork to the coordinator last week, and now I am wondering if we took the right decisions, if we chose the appropriate hors d'oeuvres and meals etc etc. Too late, the form is sent! We need to work on our playlist, as we did not hire a DJ...
  5. We are doing one long table. We only have our best man and maid of honour as well.
  6. Congratulations and thanks for your review and for the video!
  7. Congratulations and many thanks for sharing! I am happy everything went well! I am getting even more excited reading your review! We are getting close to our date (May 7)!
  8. Hi Emma! Congratulations! We getting married on May 7, so we are getting quite close as well! We also ended up with 40 guests and we are keeping the terrace for the reception. It will be cozy I really wanted to have the reception held outside…and personally, I prefer being a bit too tight than the risk of a room looking "empty". But more space for dancing and partying at the Bamboo Room for sure…
  9. Many thanks for your review, your comments are helpful! And reading your review lowered my "anxiety" about some negative reviews on Trip Advisor and comments about people getting sick… Congratulations and I am happy for you that everything went well!
  10. Hi Thurber, We are getting married on May 7th! We will be there on the same week Hi Marta and Megan, We are also thinking of a catamaran excursion with our wedding group. I am considering Paradise Catamaran, as I read good reviews in previous posts as well as on Trip Advisor.
  11. Great experience with Sascha!

    We got married last May at the Now Jade in Riviera Maya and we are so grateful that we chose Sascha as our photographer! It was a pleasure working with Sascha and his assistant Misael for our wedding. Sascha showed up on time and started to take pictures the second he walked in ! Sascha was very familiar with the area, and knew all the perfect spots for beautiful photos. He was calm and patient with all our guests, and with us, as we struck with wedding-day nerves! He made us comfortable – I nev
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