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  1. Hi, im also getting married at the hilton this may 16th. Im from england and have been told that we cant speak with the wedding co ordinator until we get there and we sort everything when were there. Im just wondering if you were told this too as im a little worried as there things id like to sort before like booking a reggae band and sorting a time when we'll get married
  2. Hi, im getting married at the hilton rose hall montego bay on the16th may 2013. We really want a reggae band but struggling to find one. I like the sound of "the front page" band. Larajo....i seen you were sending someone information and picture for the band. Would you mind at all to send them to me too if thats ok? I would really appreciate it ) thank you
  3. Hi, i read on another thread where you wrote about reggae bands to hire in montego bay. Im getting married at the hilton rose hall resort and spa on 16th may 2013. I seen you said the front page band are good but i cant seem to find anything about them. Would you mind to send me any information you have if its not too much hassle, possibly songs/playlistetc or if they have a website? Many thanks Angela
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