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  1. Thanks ironman! I don't know why but Mexican customs scares me so much lol
  2. When it comes to customs in Mexico, I know that each person can bring down $300USD worth of goods in their luggage duty free. My question is, do decorations count towards this total since it's something I'll also be bringing back (how is it different from the clothes in my suitcase or other person items). I understand that anything I'll be giving away like (welcome bags stuff) has to count towards this total. When I looks on the Mexican customs website it said that "wedding party" items were exempt from this... I assume that means dress and rings, but I was curious if it also meant decorations. Any feedback would help! I leave in 9 days :)
  3. Haha I never would have thought of this!! Kinda smart if you have a lot of people and a large wedding party.. Kinda genius
  4. For any past brides that have had a reception and a DJ, did you ask someone to MC for you or did the DJ just introduce you as a couple/first dance/cake cutting/etc??
  5. In the Devine package it says that 2 bridesmaid CORSAGES are included. Was anyone successful at getting either a flower credit for bridesmaid bouquets instead or the corsage turned into something else (ie: single flowers or boutenieres) I've asked Pilar if I could get 2 extra boutenieres instead of the 2 corsages and haven't heard back from her yet.
  6. Me and my fiancé are both gluten free, which Pilar already knows because she's told us that they can make us a gluten free wedding cake. (Awesome!) In filling out my 45 day prior sheet, I realized that I have a choice in cake and filling flavour. I'm unsure if they can make any style cake gluten free. My question is if anyone else on this thread is GF and what was your cake like? Also, how accommodating was the resort I general to your food allergy?? Thanks!
  7. I figure if we have the opportunity to take over and say our own written vows to one another at some point in the ceremony then it'll be all good and worthwhile
  8. Hahaha that's kinda what I figured would happen!! They probably read the same couple "standard" scripts over and over so they can ace them. When you throw in something different, they probably don't even know he words they're reading! For simplicity, maybe I'll stick to their "standard"
  9. Hi!! We're having a non-religious symbolic ceremony at the Now Jade. Has anyone been giving the script that the officiant reads or have you spoken to any of the wedding coordinators about it?? We're legally marrying before we leave Canada and since we're paying for a wedding commissioner in winnipeg, she offered to write us a script for the Mexico portion if we wanted. I thought this was a great idea (since she's basically doing this for free for us) but I'm unsure if the Mexico officiant will want to read someone else's work (or if their English is good enough to read something they haven't already memorized!) Also, did you girls find the officiant hard to understand at the Now Jade? I'm really not picky either way with which script is used, I'd just hate for her to do all this extra work if we're not going to use it. Also I'd hate to get excited about her script if it's not something that can be done down south! Any info would help!! Thanks
  10. We're there from January 11-18 and getting married on Thursday the 16th! I'm going to keep my seating chart as originally planned. I'm not even sure how I'd change it.. so it'll have to work! I have 44 guests and that'll be the final number. Thank god!! Lol My FI and I have a rectangular table for just the two of us. It'll be a sweetheart table and we'll both sit on the same side facing our guests. I'm not having a head table because I want the wedding party to be able to sit with their dates. And by having a sweetheart table, we don't have to pick a side of the family! Hehehe win win for everyone!
  11. Hmmm I'm getting married in January and have my seating chart basically done but I've only put 6-8 at a round table. I'd love to hear from others brides to see what they've done. I'd hate to have to redo my whole seating chart now grrrr!! Lol
  12. Well that's simple I'll be adding that into my schedule. You say Pilar usually shows up for the rehearsal if I pick a date to do it with her? (Hopefully the night before the wedding)
  13. Mind if I ask what you have planned for the rehearsal & dinner? Like are you getting people to meet near your ceremony location to run through everything? Is pilar planning on attending? And have you booked/are you paying for a special dinner or just going go he buffet? I wasn't going to plan a rehearsal dinner at all but thinking I should now... Hmmmm
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