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  1. Does anyone have the dimensions for the posts on the new Zavas Plaza gazebo? We'd like to bring Christmas lights to wrap around the poles, but I'm not sure of the measurements! I'd appreciate any feedback, we're getting so close to our big day! 29 days and counting. Thanks ladies!
  2. @@lolita2014 I previously had the same issue with Karisma; I was working with Karla (who was great) and stopped getting responses, only to find out through this thread that Karla had resigned from the company - if only this was the worst of it. We are getting married May 3, 2014 and I'm beginning to panic. I now have Carol as my wedding coordinator - she is a complete mess, unfortunately. She is not efficient and has absolutely no organization at all. Our final payment was due on March 21 and I finally got a response from her this past Monday, after numerous phone calls/emails requesting our detail sheet. Well, when I finally received the detail sheet - it is completely wrong. Prices are wrong/head counts are completely off and she didn't even have my bridal bouquet or half of the centerpieces listed! I am working two jobs and planning a wedding where 70+ family members and friends are paying a lot of money, as are we! We've spent thousands of dollars so far and Carol can't even make time to correctly input our requests? Needless to say, I'm extremely frustrated. I contacted the online chat yesterday and was able to get a supervisor's e-mail. I sent an extremely well thought out, disappointing e-mail to both Carol and the supervisor, hoping to get some sort of response/compensation for the incredibly upsetting planning that has gone on thus far. I am really hoping that all the previous brides are correct when they say that everything will go off without a hitch once we get down to Mexico. Because the off site coordinators don't hold up to the "Gourmet, Five Star" name of the Karisma resorts. Extremely disappointed up to this point, but I refuse to become a bridezilla! Best of luck to you and the rest of the brides, I know we will all have beautiful weddings and a great time, once the planning is done!
  3. Do any of the past Brides know if you can bring sparklers on an airplane? I'm looking to do a "sparkler send off" at the end of the night, but I'm sure Lomas will charge an arm and a leg for them, lol. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks girls!
  4. Also, what size sheer panels are needed for the ceremony beach gazebo? Does anyone know? If so, please let me know and where were you able to order the fabric online? Thanks again for the help!
  5. Does anyone know if they plan to put a roof back on the Gazebo at Zavas Plaza?!?! I know the construction will be complete by my wedding date, but I like the look of the gazebo with a roof. Thanks for the help!
  6. Has anyone sent any boxes prior to your arrival? I am trying to think of ways to keep the décor budget in check... I just got a quote for Flowers that almost knocked me off my chair! What are your thoughts in terms of bringing décor down with you? Or using an alternative florist? Thanks!
  7. Hi Ladies, I'm glad that I make it a point to read these updates once a week, and I'm now starting to panic for the first time. Karla was my wedding coordinator also! I e-mailed her weeks ago and have yet to get a response and I haven't been contacted for a replacement either. Our wedding is not until May, but this definitely does not ease any tensions... HELP! Thanks.
  8. Hi Ladies! I have a quick questions, regarding music for the ceremony and reception at Azul Sensatori. I know that the resort refers DJ All Music and Mega DJ, but I am having a hard time finding videos and information on these two vendors... Can anyone point me in the right direction??!? We'd like to book the DJ this week. Also, for the ceremony and cocktail hour, we are thinking about hiring an acoustic guitarist... Does anyone have a recommendation? Or a better idea? Do you know the cost? I appreciate the help, ladies! Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks so much for the info, I'll make sure I take care of it! Congratulations and thanks again. Quote: Originally Posted by JennyBenz Hi KTBeach2014!! Yes I had my hair & make-up done at the resort spa. Angelis did both for me, she was wonderful. I wanted my hair down, but wind and humidity made me think otherwise. I was going for a looser look, but honestly, I'm glad she did it the way she did b/c it kept all day & night! I took advantage of the bridal hair & makeup preview- b/c I was nervous about letting someone other than my hair stylist from NYC touch my hair haha But all went well she understood the little things I asked her to change and wound up really happy with the results! I booked the appointments for myself as well as my bridal party & parents about a month in advance, through the WC. I wanted it to be taken care of before we arrived, then just followed up with the spa when we checked in and all was confirmed Happy planning!
  10. Hi Jenny, Did you have your hair and makeup done at the resort? If so, who did you use? You look beautiful! Also, how far in advance did you make your appointments for the day of the wedding? Thanks!
  11. Hi Jenny, Did you have your hair and makeup done at the resort? If so, who did you use? You look beautiful! Also, how far in advance did you make your appointments for the day of the wedding? Thanks!
  12. Hi Ladies! Our group contract 30 days is up today and we already have about 40+ people coming to Mexico! We are getting married on May 3, 2014 at the Azul Sensatori... I know that I have a bride twin....Does anyone know who that might be?!?! So excited to begin the planning of all the decor elements and start shopping for dresses. This is so exciting and we are really overwhelmed by the amount of support from our friends and families. Looking forward to getting lots of input and info from all of the ladies on the forum... It's been a huge help already!
  13. Hi Jenny! Your pictures look amazing... I see that you guys chose a beach reception.... How was the heat? Was in bareable? and What about the wind???
  14. Hi Ladies! First off, I just have to say that this Blog is amazing... Its so helpful and you guys are great! We are getting married at the Azul Sensatori on May 3, 2014... And I have a few questions. We originally booked and chose to have a legal ceremony, but now I am questioning whether to do it in the Chapel...? I am a practicing Catholic and my Fiance is pretty much non-denominational. He did make his baptism, but he hasn't made any other sacraments... Does anyone know what we would need to do in order to get married by a Catholic priest in Mexico? Is it even an option considering my FI is not a Catholic? Also, does anyone know if the script for the Catholic ceremony can be altered at all? I'm under the impression that the Legal Ceremony script is not able to be changed at all? Thanks so much for the answers in advance! We are within the one year mark and other than putting down the initial deposit and getting the group contract pricing done and booking our trip, I haven't had time to do anything else yet... Panic mode is beginning to set in!
  15. Ok ladies! I need some input, please.... I finally received the first contract from our TA, originally she told us that the pricing for a group can be offered at about a 20% discount... The prices she sent over are the exact same as they have listed on their site as we speak! We are looking at getting married May 3, 2014. What are the prices you were offered for a 7 day stay? A 4 day stay? Were you able to negotiate a better price? Help! I can't see asking our guets to spend $2000 a person to come to our wedding!
  16. Hi! Just wanted to introduce myself... I am just awaiting the final OK from my coordinator that my date and time requested are available and then I will officially be an Azul Sensatori Bride-to-Be! So excited! Can't wait to start the planning! Thanks in advance for all the great info I've already gotten from this Blog!
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