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  1. Hi Ladies! I can't believe we are 4 months away from our special day! I have bought mostly everything we need, but I still have so much anxiety as to the "little" things that need to be done. I know for sure everything will fall into place, and that puts me more at ease! HAPPY PLANNING GIRLYS!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by LovelyGemini JCastro, I saw you're also from NY, where did you find your photographer? I don't mind the style of TP, but their package prices are outrageous! I really wanted someone who could take pictures of our stay out there, at least while we're with most of our friends and family. I'm actually using Tamara's photographer. I also like TP style, but think that their prices are too much. She will be covering most of the week. You should reach out to her, here's her web site... http://www.heatherlifephotography.com/
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by minigodiva May 8, 2014. When's yours? May 2nd...we might run into each other. I'm planning on staying until the 6th at the resort...
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by mellie818 Hi there - just reading through posts and see that you are getting married in May 2014 as well! I too will be doing out of town bags and here are my ideas so far: - sunscreen - itinerary/welcome letter - personalized bottle of water - some of our favourite treats - personalized lip balm - door hanger Do you know anything about outside vendors?? I was told when i did a site visit in June that they do not allow outside vendors. I have already hired my photographer and make up artist so just plan on paying for a one night stay for each of them. Melissa Hi Melissa, Are you a May bride also??? Our date is the 2nd of May. I have the following so far: -personailzed bags -hand sanitizer -advil, pepto, for the hangover -aloe vera -sun screen -welcome letter -I want to buy the door hangers (where did you get yours?) I actually hired my photographer from here, flying her out and having her stay at the resort for a couple of days. She will be covering other activities, apart from the "day"
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by minigodiva Hi! Mine is in May as well. Time is flying. I also just started thinking of ideas for the welcome bag and have yet to do wedding dress shopping. Goodluck and have fun! What day in May???
  6. BTW, I also have Hildebrabda as my WC, and she has been GREAT!!! All my questions answered right away.
  7. Hi Brides!! I have posted on here a couple times before...and read through EVERY post in this thread! I'm so excited as my wedding day is closer than what I thought (8 months away) I have bought a couple of things for the welcome bags that I'm making, but thought I'd ask to see if any of you have added anything that I missed! HAPPY PLANNING!
  8. Hey girls... I actually booked the pier for May 2, 2014. I was told the amount of guests that fit are 50. I was also quoted $500 to have the ceremony there. I'm just really hoping my guest count doesn't go over the 50...lol Which at this time, it seems like it is!!! I love the idea of the pier of how private and tropical it looks, fell in love with it as soon as I saw the pics!
  9. Hello Brides!...currently working on finding a photographer. I know back in this thread somewhere there was a web site that someone put up for photography...can anyone tell me what it was? Thank you...
  10. I remember reading on one of the previous post about a website where you can bargain with a photographer, to take pictures for you...and pay for their vacation??? Can anyone remind me what web site it was? I don't know what to do for pictures!!! Any ideas?
  11. Hi girls! Just wondering if any of you did this for your STD or the invites!?!? I made my own save the dates (small glass bottle, with sand, etc.) and now I'm looking to ship it... The cost per envelope was quoted at $2.07 at USPS, was wondering if any of you can advise as to what you guys did to mail out...personalized postage, etc.????
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