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  1. Ruthehk: I have a similar situation as you, but a little different. My Mom and Dad had both planned to come to the wedding. We have 2 1/2 months until the wedding date and they have just told me now that they do not have enough money to send both of them, so my Dad will not be coming. It has caused a very uncomfortable situation with my family as we have never taken a trip together in my life and this was supposed to be our opportunity to do that. Also, I asked them twice in the last year if they would have any trouble paying the trip costs and they said it would be fine. My mom says she would walk me down the isle, but I told her my Dad should be the one to do it and since he isn't coming I'll be walking by myself. I think since your situation hasn't caused much trouble in your family that having your Mom walk you is an option. But don't forget you can also walk yourself
  2. Getting married there March 31st! Anyone else on that date?
  3. So wonderful to work with, a real gem of a photographer!

    Pros: easy going, professional, customer-oriented
    Cons: None!
    I can't say enough good things about Michael and Caribbean Emotions. From day one he was very quick to respond to communication on the internet and made sure everything was sorted out well in advance. During the wedding Michael was so well prepared and professional. My family members all commented afterwards how much they loved him and how easygoing he was with instructing us with poses. Michael definitely works well with people. It is clear he takes pride in his work and knows how to capture what you want.    We made an appointment with him to pick up our 500+picture DVD the day after the wedding and unfortunately my husband and I both came down with the travellers sickness and missed the appointment entirely. Michael waited for us and came back the next day on his day off. We felt terrible but he was very non-chalent about it. Not everyone would be so easy-going!   The pictures all turned out beautifully of course, and there are so many of them! The DVD case is personalized and very elegant looking.    Caribbean Emotions is a wonderful photography company, you won't be disappointed!