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  1. kaya! I hope it works out! She really is fabulous and gives great work for the price! Good luck!
  2. hey Kayawastaken! Finding a videographer is not easy...especially when you are only given 2 choices! We are using Sarani from Sarani Weddings....while she is not an "approved vendor", she is fabulous, reasonable, and does a TON of Karisma properties! Check out her website saraniweddings.com Her videos are AMAZING!! Let her know your budget and she will work with you on price - she knows that you have to pay the $800 outside fee- and will work with you. The coolest thing she does is a shorter video that you can share with friends and family easily - it captures the whole day in a song - of your choice of course!(those are the examples you see on her sight) and then she gives you a longer video of the rest of the footage! The video and photography is one of the most important things to me... she is a true artist and captures things so uniquely! We are doing the 6 hour package - end of getting ready through middle of reception. Most videographers will only do continuous coverage - so check with the one you choose before you decide on a package. I just tried to find the time frame that most things will be happening. Like you, I'm just hoping I'm right! Hope that helps! Happy planning! -K
  3. Thank you ladies! It was such an amazing moment! Can't wait to see everyone's dresses!
  4. Here it is! AHHHHH...I just can't even believe I am about to be married! SO fun to share this time on this great site! Yea for wedding dresses!
  5. Our coozies came in!!! Our wedding is happening during Day of the Dead celebration...so we decided to incorporate it a bit...really only in a few things! I tried to find the prettiest skull I could! and we LOVE pizza...so we are serving it as a "late night snack" at the reception! so you don't think I am nuts :-) so fun to have all the little pieces coming together!
  6. I think this looks great! very classic! My only thought is you don't need the ribbons on the lanterns...if you are going to illuminate them I think it will look great with them plain!...this will make the pink on the table stand out more too! or maybe lower them...I don't know. Just my random thinking. You did awesome! Hooray for your wedding in 3 weeks!
  7. I am in LOVE with these!! I think i found the last piece to my centerpieces! This is SO helpful!
  8. SO SO awesome!!! I would love your templates as well!! ksingleton2512@gmail.com what a great treat for your guests!! thank you for sharing!!
  9. natalieblev what AMAZING pictures!! I'm not a June bride but you are all beautiful and making me SO ready for November!! I was wondering where you found those beautiful robes for your bridesmaids!? Thank you for your help! Congratulations on your beautiful wedding!!!
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