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  1. Ha!! Autocorrect! We are going in Oct 2013 for site inspection
  2. We decided that even though we already have our date reserved for zag 31, 2014 we are still going to do a site visit in October. I'm pretty stoked
  3. smhud1313

    2013 Trends post here!

    Loving the colors!
  4. smhud1313

    What is your age difference?

    He is 18 months older than me.
  5. We are moving right along. I've paid the deposit at the hotel and am working with the travel agent on blocking our rooms. She has our info and is submitting it to the resort. Once we hear back from her, we'll pay the 6% deposit on the block of rooms then my family and friends can start booking! I've already had 4 people try to contact her to start booking. I also have our save the date cards in design now. Just waiting on the proof.
  6. smhud1313

    Our Save the Dates!

    How fun! I can't wait to see how fun the wedding is!
  7. I love this soo much! Mine was at Disney Land!
  8. That seriously made me cry! How wonderfully exciting and sweet. can't wait to see how he tops that at the wedding!
  9. smhud1313

    Any other 2014 brides here getting an early start?

    Got our date confirmed! Aug 31, 2014 at Playcar Palace! I have 2 children. They will be the only 2 standing up with us at the wedding. I'm thinking my daughter will walk down with my fiance and my son will walk down with me.
  10. SQUEAL.. we're on the books for Aug 31, 2014 at 6pm!
  11. I would love to see any pics you take! My FI leaves this Sunday to go back to Afghanistan so we won't have a chance to do a site visit. Well, unless I can convince one of my girlfriends to go with me. We're having a small engagement luncheon on Saturday but with him being gone it really eliminates a lot for us.
  12. Yeah! I did get a response today with all the package information. I returned my Wedding Reservation Request form to them immediately so hopefully, fingers crossed, I'll get a response by tomorrow. I'm anxious to start planning other things and sending out our save the date announcements.
  13. I called and got a return call from Elvia (sp?) from the resort. I missed her call but in her VM she said she was going to email me the info. I haven't received it as of yet. However I did an online chat with the resort and she confirmed that the ocean swim up room was booked for the weekend I wanted. So, for sure one level of rooms is gone.
  14. Just registered. Looking at Playcar Palace! Thanks for doing this!
  15. We are looking at Aug 31 and according to their website it's booked. Goodness gracious. I called and the ocean front swim up rooms are totally booked but she said there are some room openings. Just for our families are going to need 12 rooms. Then add friends in still. Rough estimate is approx 16-20 rooms. I've requested a contact with the resort and with a travel agent so now just waiting on both to get back with me. I honestly didn't think it would already be filling up so quickly 17 months out.