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  1. Hi ladies so glad to have found this thread, all of these post are so helpful!! My wedding isnt until June 21st 2014 so I feel like Im so far behind all of you!! My Save the Dates are out and my wedding website is done and that is about it! I have an idea of what I want out of my RIU trip but really want to try to go as "free" as possible. Is there anyone who knows if I can do the free dinner for my guest and then pool reception at the $15pp after?? I would really love the beach ceremony but my fiance is the cheapest man on earth so I dont know if I will get it! Thoughts on how to cut cost and keep things as free as possible? Also at this stage 13 months out what should I be doing?? I feel like I've book my date and now I just wait which is fine I just dont want to be behind.. Thanks for all the info from page 1-66 I've been peaking at all of it in my free time!!
  2. My heart breaks for you, but this is the road we chose, stand firm in your decision to have your Destination Wedding and keep moving forward!! I wish you the best of luck and love on your day I know exactly where you are coming from!!
  3. Ladies, I thought I was alone in this!! One thing I will say to you all is my FI and I made a pack no matter who makes it we are going! Even if its just us! I think that is easier said then done. My fiance gets very upset at the thought of certain people in his family not being able to make it, when Im very much like no big deal! I just hope that it doesnt cause us problems in the end like I made him have a wedding without his mother being there or something because I'd hate that!! This is really what we want and we think its more cost effeciant to top it off.. We are from two different state (NJ&PA) as is. My biggest fear has always been catering to everyone having a wedding for everyone else and not really having what we want... Im just not prepared to cater to people who 1. arent that supportive of our relationship/wedding 2. wouldnt be any happier if it were stateside. So with that Im moving along and hoping for the best!!
  4. Hi ladies!! So I have a past ROR who has told me that free is the way to go she says it makes most sense to add your package on as you see fit then pay for add on's like most of you I am waiting to hear from my WC but I would really like a Friday night welcome(rehearsal dinner) event Beach or poolside Saturday I think Im going to keep all the free dinners and things but if our budget somehow affords it I would love the beach reception. Happy Planning!! Maybe I will see you there we are staying til Wednesday the 26th Jessica
  5. Hi, I am a ROR Bride my wedding is June 21st 2014 5pm !!!
  6. Can I inbox you my email for pics?? I actually ended up going with Ocho Rios instead of Negril after putting my deposit down I switched a day later.. but I would still love to see your ideas!!
  7. Im nervous Im torn between RIU Negril and Iberostar! Did you notice a lot of add ons for guest over the 10 included for the free packages. Im thinking of having 50 guests. I would like to do private events but, do you think its possible to get together without paying private fees? Is it hard to have a large group gather places can you make reservations for large groups. I've read a lot of reviews that say avoid "private fees". What are your thoughts?? I can say RIU seems more in my budget and they have already confirmed the date I want which is plus for me they have returned the emails much more promptly already! My real concern is my guest will only see us the day of the wedding and I want to party all week with them!!
  8. Hi!! Im so excited to find a RIU Negril Bride as it is one of the resorts Im looking into Iberostar is the other!! I noticed you had 35 guests did you incur a lot of per guest fees on top of the free package? That is my fear I invite 50 people and only 10 are including with cocktail hours private events etc?? How were the accommodations for kids we have 3 nieces traveling with us? I've already gotten my date confirmation June 14 Im just nervous about it all!!
  9. I have confirmed a date for Negril and Im just torn I'd like to have some more private events thinking of Bon Fire welcome event. Was your reception the only private reception you did. Do you feel like the only way to get all the guest together is to pay for privates Im thinking 50 guests?? Im just worried that we will have 50 people there and only see them our wedding day!
  10. Hi How exactly does the beach party work Pillar hasnt explained that yet Im thinking of doing it for after my ceremony or as a welcome event?? We have 50 guest do they charge you per person for the bar?
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