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  1. I recieved a 30 minute session with my wedding package, and I thought it was a joke. Weren't very good, expensive and very rushed.
  2. There's nothing like the hardrock! The stay was unbelievable!! Believe me there is no comparison. I've been 3 three different dr resorts. There's no question it's worth the money.
  3. Hey ladies and gents! I have been meaning to post our amazing wedding on here for all of you to see! We had our wedding at the hardrock punta cana on august 17th 2013. We had the most AMAZING photographers!!! we love love loved them! Whitney Photo!! whitneyphoto.com I found them through pinterest.com They are from South Carolina. Because we live in NY we met them using skype for our first meeting. They are so nice and priced well. We loved our wedding but whitney photography just made our wedding over the top!!! We had over 900 photos and a trash the dress session if you would like to see me massage me!!!! I hope this loads correctly if not try this site:
  4. I am having my wedding on August 17th. There is a $3 charge per bag to have them delivered to the room. Ask your wedding planner to add it to your itemized bill. Hope that helped! =)
  5. Hey ladies! I am now less then 80 days out and things are coming together wonderfully! I want to let you know I felt like a lost bride up until recently. Once your guest list is finalized and sent into the hardrock they really step it up. I hired out for the photographer because I was too thrilled with the pricing and the vision of the photographer on staff. I am now using http://whitneyphoto.com They include 1000 edited photos, copyrights and video and will be there for every event/ getting ready. And although they are out of state for me, we met through skype. I will post pictures and video when we return. I have set up a site to help my family and friend keep in touch and get all the details @ http://weddingwindow.com Another site I set up is called http://idosteam.com It is going to allow me to stream our wedding live from the hardrock right to our weddingwindow page! ($200 for 2 hours) Technology is a cool thing =) When the big day is closer I will give you more details xox Hope some of this info helped! Best, Regina
  6. Any info you have PLEASE forward me I'm 4 months away from the big day and I feel completely lost! RNMaringelli@aol.com Thank you!
  7. Any videos/ pictures of the wedding I would love to see!! I booked my wedding back in October for August and I'm having a bit of a freak out. I don't know what to pick for the rehearsal dinner or reception. My travel agent and wedding coordinator are not very good. Please help!!!!
  8. I would love one for Hardrock punta Cana, I already missed the first one! Please, I'm getting married there on August 17th. Thankyou!!
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