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  1. Thanks NicJ! The resort videographer is http://www.funeverphotos.com/ We are getting married on the beach with only 4 guests so we only wanted the cermony taped. Theres no cocktail or private reception. Gloria who I have talked seems to work with you. I didnt want to spend a crazy amount on a 30 min video.
  2. Yea I think I just may go with video from resort, I just want ceremony taped so to pay another outside vendor fee seems like to much.
  3. Let me know how it goes! I just finalized ceremony time & restaurant spot. The year is going to fly by.
  4. What date? I'm getting married in playa on may 14th
  5. We are getting married may 2014 with just 4 guests and then doing an ahr when we get back. I'm excited to send time with our good friends and have a lot of alone time.
  6. Thanks for comments . . They wanted to start dinner at 6 . . Our ceremony is a legal one so I think it will be 30 min . . That leaves 30 min for pictures. I asked if we can make it later so waiting on a response. Also we wanted a video of just theceremony and the video through the royal is 499 for 1 hr of service 30 min video. Seems expensive. We only have 4 guests so didn't want anyone to have to sit there and videotape. Has anyone set up a tripod? We are on the beach. Thanks ahead.
  7. I am getting married at the Royal next May, its us and 4 guests so we can only do the semi private. Which resturant? El med, asiana, spice or mariamaria? Also we are doing our ceremony in front of peliconos at 5 on the beach so wondering if that will be enough for pictures before sun goes down? Thanks
  8. I am looking to get married here may 2014, it's only us and 4 guests and we want the beach location not gazebo. Just was worried since its a public beach . .
  9. Thanks, we may just do the resort. Wish the packages were cheaper since we don't have the 10 guests.
  10. Thanks, we may just do the resort. Wish the packages were cheaper since we don't have the 10 guests.
  11. I'm in the process of looking for the same thing. I want an adult only all inclusive which also has a semi private beach areato get married. We only have 4 people coming so very intimate.
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