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  1. Does anyone know if you bring your own decorations do they charge you some kind of fee to have a person set everything up for you?
  2. So the ceremony only lasted 30 minutes? Im getting married at 5:00pm and my package includes a 1 hour cocktail hour and 1 hour reception dinner . Did you have a dinner? Or just extended the cocktail hour. What kind of drinks did you have for cocktail hour and how close was it from your beach ceremony? Im trying to plan out the evening so we can head downtown after. How far is downtown from Iberostar Cancun? $45 dollars with transportation and all you can drink is a great deal!!! I will definitly ask for Dianna and David and hopefully they will give us a deal if we mention your names! Thanks!!
  3. Congrats on your wedding!! Any pictures ? What club downtown did you go to afterwards and did you arrange the all you can drink braclets days ahead of time? I would like to have a after party after our wedding reception dinner also.
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