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  1. @@klettore Please let us know what you hear from Arrecife studio, in regards to Chris Lee...I talked to them not too long ago after hearing that Chris was leaving, and they told me that he was still with them and I was booked to have him on April 9 2014. But Chis told me on facebook that he was leaving sooooo I'm thinking that maybe he hasen't given his notice to them?!? Its all very confusing since I had booked him well almost a year ago (May 2013). I understand if he is leaving Arrecife but the communication is not the best and not knowing drives me nuts!!!
  2. You can purchase vinyl waterproof stickers from an ETSY store DavetDesigns. I used her and they are great! Or, I have also heard that some brides got them done at printers who do vinyl car stickers
  3. @@klettore The Gazebo and the Pisces are two separate locations ...The Gazebo is where you have your wedding ceremony at the beach. The Pisces is where the lunch/snack bar is during the day! You can rent the Pisces for a private dinner/reception instead of having a semi-private one. The Gazebo can be rented for dancing/drinking after your reception. Hope this helps
  4. I like the JUST MARRIED ($8.00) sign....will you ship to Canada (N0B 1E0)
  5. For those of you who have used Michael Spencer in the past can you please help me out!?! I am trying to contact him by email but it keeps bouncing back to me as un-deliverable ..here is the email address I have spencer_tour@yahoo.com Do I have the wrong one??
  6. Hey @@lauracitawita I had both our birth certificates notarized (thats it) I was originally told that I could scan them and email it, then bring the notarized copies with me. But I was later told that we are no longer able to do this! So they have to be sent to them by courier. and needs to be done 3 months before your wedding date!! Its going to cost approx $80 to courier them (expensive I know) but at least you will know that they actually get there with no problems and on time
  7. @@lauracitawita I believe the chairs they use are a typical brass chair with a blue seat! Which is why they have the white chair covers. The White/gold chairs your friend saw would most likely be an upgrade at an extra cost.
  8. @@liz24 I understand that!!! I was waiting until my dress came in until I made any final decisions on jewelry, and now with only a month to go JUST got a pair or earring! and I have a bunch of DIY projects I need to get done....so I am stressing about all the little stuff at the last minute HAHA
  9. Dutchess...That's great! let me know if you want to see them I can email them to you!! (unless I can upload them in a way that everyone can see them) Have you heard back from the WC about having multiple wedding groups in the same restaurant? I asked Vinnette about it and she just told me the same old line about that their will be other guest from the resort in the restaurant, if you are having a semi-private reception. I'm sure it will all work out tho.
  10. 100 days out and your worried? I leave in 39 days and I still need to get earings!!! Maybe I should be more concerned about it!! I have looked tho and have narrowed my choices down to 3pairs!! They are all from Swarovski. I am planning on a trip to the states this weekend, so hopefully I will pick a pair then!
  11. I send you a response on the actual website!!! Hopefully you will ship to Canada
  12. I got the tumblers from Dollarama. And added the waterproof stickers from davetdesigns. She has an etsy store Tumblers were $2 each stickers depend on quantity and size you want.
  13. Im so excited! here are my finished tumblers @@kwiseman when we sent in our info we just calculated 25% of the package cost and then rounded up that amount to an even number. as for the adderss we used the one at the bottom of every email that I get back from the coordinators: Vinnette Vincent Assistant Wedding Planner 2 Grand Bahía Príncipe Jamaica P.o Box 106,Pear Tree Bottom, Runaway Bay, St.Ann Jamaica W.I Hope this helps
  14. @@kwiseman I sent notarized copies of our regular (short form) birth certificates I am Canadian so not sure if there is a difference if your American or not. Also expect to pay around $80 plus to send your documents. I found that UPS had the best rate. (this was a shock to me, I had expected it to be closer to the $20 range) @@dutchess I also have changed all my original ideas and plans for my wedding due to this site/page!!! I also ended up doing way more DIYs than I was planning. There are too many fun ideas that I just had to try and wanted to incorporate into my wedding! PS...are you excited?? Two months to go!! Looking forward to meeting you in Jamaica!
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