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  1. we just got married on June 20, 2014 at Hard Rock Cancun, all i can say is that it was perfect!!! Our wedding coordinator Diana went above and beyond what we requested. they really took really good care of every detail and we just enjoyed our day and had a great time. I was not worried about a thing, everything was taken care of. my advise to any brides is to enjoy and relax! the wedding staff are so experienced , they will make everything happen for you! the resort is amazing, so much to do especially for big groups. Our group had kids, teenagers, young adults, adults and seniors, and there was something for everyone. The food is amazing, we loved the grill by the pool and the Japanese restaurant. They also had the mexican restaurant set up on the beach which was amazing. this was an unforgetable week for us, it is a party every day, great entertainment! the disco was closed some nights, but there was something going on at the lobby, karaoke or casino nights, and for the party animals there are ton of clubs in cancun. i think this was the perfect place to have our wedding, and the best all inclusive resort i have ever stayed at, they treated us like rock stars and the staff was always so happy and attentive.
  2. can you please delete my thread "wedding drama" under just venting or funnies? nobody has replied to it i cannot figure out how to delete it myself. thank you
  3. It seems like a lot of us are experiencing drama from non supportive family members or friends. Even though a destination wedding is supposed to be stress free, it turns out to be just as bad with the amount of comments and opinions from everybody trying to impose. Share your stories and how you cope with the stress, because even though we may try to be strong and stick by our decisions, people's comments can create a lot of stress my stories: *Mom does not take destination wedding seriously, everytime she gets a chance she makes it a point that our DW is not a real wedding and in return i tell here that our chuch ceremony which will happen here is not a real wedding to me because im doing it to please the parents and put on a show for the friends.....she thinks im crazy and that i should want to have a big wedding.... the way i cope with it is by just not discussing it with her and staying positive and only talking to people who are excited about my DW. * Future sister in law acting out because she was not asked to be a bridesmaid. (she is 32 years old and trying to get pregnant and she lives 2 hours away) the way i see it, i only have to ask my closest friends or family, her and i are not close at all. i do not want to have a big bridal party . she has been acting out about the wedding since we told her she wasnt going to be in it, she constantly asking how come she wasnt told when the bridal shower will be, who is doing our decorations, then she got upset that we booked cancun and she made a big stink said she wasnt coming. (originally we were going to book punta cana and she gave us that idea, actually the whole DW was her idea) then she invited us to her house for a BBQ and we couldnt go because fiance had to work, she had a breakdown and wrote everyone an email telling us she had enough of us, and she was cutting us off, because we didnt include her in the wedding "celebrations" and we chose our jobs over her....how i dealt with her was completely not talk to her or answer "i dont know" to any of her questions, jsut basically left my fiance to talk to her directly but apparantly that pissed her off even more and now we are on her black list.... so not much we can do about that now anyway...it just seems really silly that she wants to be in the wedding party so badly, she should be thankful we are not putting more stress on her life, just come enjoy the wedding and be happy for us, why is that so much to ask from some people? she already had her wedding day to shine, now let me have mine
  4. i am having a similar situation here with my mom. She also keeps saying comments that our DW is not a real wedding, (we are having a church ceremony here, but no party) . To her she is just tagging along to Mexico and doesnt see the point of it. there were many reasons why we decided to do a DW one of them was finances. Everytime she tries to hint that my DW is not a real wedding and she doesnt take it seriously it really ticks me off and i end up telling her that the church ceremony is not a real wedding to me because we are doing it to please the parents and put on a show for their friends , and she get upset at me and makes me feel like im a bad person..... i just think it comes down to what MariDR2012 said, mom are reliving their weddings through us. in my moms case she had a very small wedding with 20 people and she didnt even invite her own family (no parents or siblings) ...and now she regrets and wishes she had a big princess wedding with church and all that jazz..... she just doesnt understand its not about her or what her dreams are...its about the couple celebrating their love with people who matter to them.... but i dont think they will understand so its better not to bring up the topic in general, hopefully when the wedding day comes they will see things is a different spectrum
  5. there are some reviesw on this site. If you go to resort reviews under Mexico you will be able to find a really good review. i also Googled Hard Rock Cancun weddings and a couple of photographer blogs came up and had pictures of a couple of weddings that they did there.
  6. it is not that big of a hotel, i believe i read somewhere that they don't do more than 3 weddings per day. You should contact one of the wedding coordinators to confirm that information though
  7. HI Jonathan, i am also getting married at HRC in June 2014. i have not started talking to the coordinators yet. Im hoping to get in touch soon, but im not too worried because there is a lot of time, as long as my wedding date and time are confirmed im ok for now. i know about the buffet style for outdoor receptions, it is the norm at almost all resorts. The food is supposed to be amazing though, and some menus that i have seen for Buffet are much better than plated dinner. Everyone will also be on vacation and laid back so they may not even care that its buffett as long as the food is amazing. if it is aboslutely a deal breaker for you maybe you can consider doing the dinner in one of their banquet halls. you can still have the cocktail reception by the pool, and maybe request to rent the pool side for a few hour with open bar just for dancing....dont know if they would allow that, but some resorts in Punta Cana do so maybe its worth asking...
  8. I agree with UMASSR007, you have to stick to your guns and be firm. it is about you and your fiance , your parents need to start respecting your decisions and planning a wedding is the perfect test and way to set some boundaries.
  9. Hi Newbb, There is nothing wrong with putting your foot down and being strong, it does not make you a bridezilla. People forget that this is yours and your fiancee's day, and they are just invited. You are having the day of your dreams and for someone who is not even that close to ask you to sacrifice your dream for them is completely selfish! i think that you were already clear with her, and she should appreciate that you even mentioned her your plans. You should go ahead with your plans as you want and book your dates with the hotel and travel agencies and just send out and invitation. Do not ask for anyone's opinions or suggestions, just make a decision with your fiance and go for it. You dont really need the bridesmaids involved in that side of the planning because it is really straight forward and you can manage yourself. if Alice is not happy and doesnt want to attend because it is not "her" way then that is her loss. She seems really controlling and if you involve her in the planning she will end up telling you what do do for every detail and that will cause more drama that nobody needs. to avoid any confrontation of this nature me and my fiance just went and booked everything and sent out an email invitation , . I asked my 3 closest friends to be in my bridal party after everything was booked , so i broke the news to them one evening, i invited them for dinner and gave them a little gift and told them about it. they are beyond excited and really there is not much for them to do but actually entertain the crowd at the reception. The best way to handle controlling friends like Alice is not to give them a choice to even have an opinion, set some boundaries and ground rules but keep it mature and straight forward. she will not like it and will try to fight back, but just be the bigger person, tell her you respect her situation/opinion and that if she cant make it you respect her decision. Do not go back and forth with her and be strong and do not feel bad for her! she certainly does not feel bad for you even though its is your day and it happens once in your life!
  10. hello ladies! I just booked my wedding at Hard Rock Cancun for June 2014! we got a great deal with the travel agent, plus all the perks you get for booking here (resort credits) and group functions included were the reasons why we chose this resort. The Wedding packages are great and and sure it will turn out beautiful because the property and beach look fabulous! i found a couple of reviews here under the hotel reviews section, it is a newer property so there were only 3 when i checked but they all have very positive comments.
  11. it depends on what you want. i am having the same dilemma. for us it is important to have a really top notch beach, so automatically i took off the option of dreams Punta Cana, i read review that the beach was not so nice. La Romana has a decent beach and Palm beach has an amazing beach. also, depends what you want for the reception and ceremony. i think all 3 resorts have great options but depends on your taste. i think the service and quality are great at all dreams resorts, no bad reviews in those areas so your guests will be happy with any of these choices.
  12. Hi Ladies, i have been looking into this resort and got the package information from the resort. the sand extravaganza and ocean romance packages include an open bar for the dinner reception. my question is, what brands of alcohol are included in their open bar? i have been trying to get an answer from the coordinator but she has not gotten back to me, just said she had to talk to the bar manager and he hasnt responded yet.
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