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  1. Hey Ladies, For any brides out there that have already been married there, or are going to be married.....Did you ladies take your own music to walk down the isle to, and are you to put them on an I pod and they will play them and what songs did you pick? or I think there is a trio of men who can get extra to play music for you?
  2. Hey Ladies! For the brides out there doing travel mugs, where are you getting your mugs from, and are you having them printed or adding the water proof labels to them? I have about 24 adults and 8 children traveling with us in November, and trying to decide what I should do.
  3. We had this same problem with the # of guest included and I simply sent her an email stating that I booked our wedding through our travel agent at this resort because if all the great things I had heard and one of the MAIN reasons was it is going to accomodate the number of people we have attending. I had researched it first, had sent her an email inquiring about the number of guests ( which she had sent me an attachement stating 20 ppl were included) AND I also had checked out the Grand palladium website, which was surprised to find out that on the website it stated that our package included up to 50 guests. This all started after I had emailed her back the sheet to confirm the date and time of our ceremony, then I had asked her a question regarding the guest or something along those line and then that is when she told me that there was only 8 guests included. I was NOT impressed and she tried to justify it by saying that, that was last years pricing and it had changed, and a bunch of other excuses that those were not the right numbers. So I debated back in forth with her for a couple of emails, until she finally told me that she would honor the 20 guest ( which I was originally quoted) I know it doesn't seem like alot $20 extra a person but that starts adding up if you have a larger group going with you. I also asked what the $20 person is really for??? ( she didn't answer me though) What for them to sit on a chair at your ceremony, or eat at one of the a la carte restaurants, when those are included in your all inclusive trip anyways. To me it just didn't make much sense. I also said to her that maybe if there is going to be changes in the packages, that it should CLEARLY STATE on the website or the attachments that she is emailing to people WHEN price increases or adjustments will take place, so it's fair to every bride and there wouldn't be as much confusion. Also when I had mentioned that the website said up to 50 ppl.....and then the one she gave me said 20 people, immediately the next day the website was changed. I wish I would have got a print out of it. lol What day in November are you getting married? Hopefully you can get it sorted out with her soon...........
  4. Congrats Jen! Love your colors, dress and flowers! Very Pretty! Did you have a symbolic ceremony or civil? We are getting married there November 29th (symbolic), and just wanted to see if you would mind sharing what you liked/ disliked about the resort, or how everything went?
  5. Hey Bride2B1130! Yeah our symbolic ceremony is reserved for November 29th @ 4 pm. That's great that I'll have someone else to chat with that's getting married that same week/ day after mine! hahah. When do you fly in, and how long are you staying? We fly in the 27th and are just staying a week til the 4th. We went with a travel agent and are flying out with sungwing. What type of ceremony are you having? Look forward to chatting with you!! Talk soon
  6. I don't know why I am having such an issue with Caroline in the # of people included in the silver package. I emailed with her back and forth last Thurs, and she keeps telling me that there is only 8 people included in that package and every guest after that would be 20 US a person. I also asked why the website states 50 people included and then other brides I have talked to have said they have 20 included with theirs. She says that I should just go with what she emails me and that the website isn't up to date, and as far as the other brides they might have reserved their spots before March 1st and that I reserved my spot March 6th so I will have a different price. I am pretty frusterated with this soo far and think it's a load of BS lol So I emailed her back to say that I booked at this resort under the impression that this many guest 20 were included and what is the $20 US extra a person accomodate for? But she hasn't responded back yet.........sooo hopefully I hear something soon.
  7. Hi Jenm, Have been reading throught some of these posts and was wondering if you could send me detailed or any info you have on the symbolic ceremony? That's what you had right? We are booked to have our ceremony November 29th 2013
  8. Hey Jen! Yeah I am just going by what she said in the email last night, So would you mind sending me what you have stating that 20 are inlcuded.... Because like I said before in one of the other threads, that's a big difference in price if only 8 are included as apposed to 20 lol
  9. Ok, so I heard back from Caroline, and our " vow renewal" ceremony has been reserved! Yay!!! lol But I am still sooooo confused as to how many people are included. She informed me in the email that ONLY 8 were included, and $20 US for every extra. Is there NOT a package that can be picked for more guests??? ( which obviously it can because I have read through the threads and responses from you ladies)......and then the Palladium website states that the price quoted for the silver is good for a maximum of 50 people. I would love to get this cleared up with Caroline ( another email sent last night) to know how much roughly we are going to be spending.
  10. Yeah ours is a little higher and we depart November 27th- Dec 4th. I would have like to keep it below $1200 tx incld. But we had a really hard time trying to get quotes from agents, I was starting to get really frusterated. But we did end up getting a quote for $1248 if paid in full by april 30th, and if not paid in full by then it does go up $80 $1328, so we took it lol. Our child rate is the same as what you got.
  11. What kind of prices did you ladies get when booking with your travel agent?
  12. Does anyone know if there is a sand service available, or is this something you need to bring yourself? And what are you ladies thinking about giving out as like a wedding favor to your guests?
  13. Hey Jen! We are from Guelph! So not too far away! lol. Yeah if I hear anything different about the # of guest included I will let you know, or if you hear back first from Caroline. How long are you guys staying at the resort for?
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