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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with us JSLM, and most importantly, CONGRATS!! you're an officialy Bahama-mama! ;-) Sounds like everything turned out wonderfully, and that's great to hear. You now have me even more excited about our big day! How did things turn out with the wedding coordinator at the RIU? or did you not need to really work with her anymore? And any other tips? or lessons learned?
  2. Sharmilapadman - No problem. Our wedding isn't until November 27th Has everything been sorted out for you? . Â
  3. Sharmilapadman - Just sent you the email!
  4. Crystal - just sent the email! hope it helps!
  5. Hi Crystal - we're having it in the private ballroom. I believe it's one huge ballroom that can be split into 3 seperate smaller rooms. However i'm having atleast 70 guests, so i believe i'm using the whole room. I didn't opt for the ocean view patio because i believe it's not completely private and holds only up to 40 people. I've stayed at the RIU paradise island before and this OV patio is basically an extension of the main buffet restaurant at the front of the hotel. I think it can be seperated from the buffet restaurant by glass walls/windows that open and close. But no dance floor - that was another reason i didn't opt for it. I ended up receving a few more picture of the ballroom from the WC at the RIU. If you'd like to see them i can email them to you if you'd like.
  6. JSLM - thanks for the update with the WC at RIU, i sent another follow up email maybe 2 weeks ago and included the main "RIU weddings" email address, still no reply... i'm at 8 weeks now. Thinking i'm going to have to call them directly soon. Just a little frustrating now that i have less than 5 months to go and still haven't firmed up some of the basic plans. (strike against me for not using a wedding co-ordinator like you did!) I'm just as worried about the rain, especially when the Cloisters is such a huge piece of the budget and is SO what i look forward to most! But you've picked the non-rainy season for your wedding... i'm sure you'll be fine. Rain during this time of the year there is usually a quick down pour, not continuous rain. I'm sure you'll be fine!! Praying the same for mine! That is annoying, last minute bookings... i'll likely get to that same point in a few more months. But right now, i'm estimating maybe an additional 5-6 more then i already have booked. If i don't hear from you before your big day, congrats to a beautiful and memorable wedding in the Bahamas!! Enjoy the moment!!
  7. BTW, please tell me that waiting over 6 weeks for a reply from WC at Riu is okay?? There are still a few details i need to finalize with the private reception and even with our ceremony officiant! shoudl i be worried??
  8. Hey JSLM! Love your idea for the centrepieces and flower balls. I heard too about those dried rose pedals and would think that the Cloisters wouldn't have a problem in using them. Which reminds me, i mean to inquire with wildflowers the cost of pedals... $300 sounds pretty outrageous! As for my cenrepieces.. still trying to decide on whether or not to just leave it up to someone there, or bring stuff ourselves. We will likely have up to 8 tables... so it may be a huge task to bring down that many! And as for DJ, still haven't really looked into anything yet... but you'll definitely have to let me know how yours goes! And yes, majority of my guests are staying a full week... with about a dozen or so staying for the 4 nights. How are things going with your guestlist? did you end up with a lot of stragglers? you must be so excited, the countdown is definitely on! Oh and if you remember, please also let us know how the hairstylist turns out!
  9. So exited, we got our bottles!! ordered from DiscountMugs.com... picked them up from a US mailbox in B-lo. Highly recommend discountmugs.com, they usually have pretty good sales during long weekends, we got these bottles 30% off, plus our totes from there at 15% off during the US memorial day long weekend.
  10. HI J3J - we're paying the standard $3500 for the Cloisters for a Wednesday wedding ceremony.. which includes chair set up, lemonade and champagne. As for the welcome/rehearsal dinner on the Monday, i asked for whatever was available (a la carte or buffet restaurant) at a reasonable time for our # of guests. The RIU WC offered 7pm at one of the buffet restaurants. I'm fine with that, i just wanted to ensure a reasonable time slot and an area set aside for all my guests.
  11. We finally nailed down the bridesmaid dresses. Going with J Crew dresses. Scored witht their memorial week sale. Just need to make sure they're all the right sizes when they arrive! Hair haven't looked into yet. I have one cousin already doing my make-up, and am sitll hoping a friend of mine comes so she can do my hair! I definitely want an up-do, but still need to find some ideas. I hear of a lot of brides going with the salon at the Atlantis. That will likelly be my backup. What are you doing for centrepieces? and what are these ivory flower balls you speak of? ;-) Are you using a florist from there for your bouquet or any other flowers? We're still trying to decide on flowers and centerpieces and pieces for the Cloisters ceremony. I've gotten a few quotes from wildflowersbahamas.com, but haven't decided if i'll go with them for everything... pretty pricey. (Esp. compared to the RIU package prices) As for room... haven't inquired yet about the bridal suite or upgrades, but i'm thinking we'll likely do it. Do you know what the pricing is for the upgrade? i think it's complimentary if you go with the highest tiered wedding package at the RIU. Just 2 more months to go for you!! (and yes, our place too has been quickly filling with soo many random wedding things!!...my FI has now called it "the corner of love" in a very sarcastic way that is! lol)
  12. hey, no worries! appreciate your responses! They haven't released our flight schedule yet, but after looking at what the flights are like sunday to sunday to riu through sunwing, i'm pretty sure it's the same SUPER late flights you're dealing with. Such a bummer... i've done over half a dozen all inclusive vacations, and arriving late and leaving late is not ideal. But what can you do... minor detail that we had no control over. I'm anticipating the comments from my guests once we communicate the times. (somehow still praying that their November flight schedule changes though!) I ended up booking our welcome dinner on the Monday at one of the buffet restaurants... figured so long as we can get a reasonable time slot, in a secluded area, it's good enough. Managed to negotiate transportation with Majestic tours to $6 per person, $3 for kids... and that's doing 2 trips. Agreed though, such a $ grab! Thanks for the info on the DJs, atleast i can gage the pricing/quotes when i get them... we're still considering our options of either doing a playlist (which alot of people warn not to do)... having a guest do it, or go with someone local. Dress is already picked up, waiting til a few months before to do alternations... and now considering a fun short one for afterwards! Still trying to find dresses for my BMs. Our main colour is seafoam green and thought we could go the retail store route but not happening... have a couple appointments this weekend at bridal stores. what are your colors? I feel you on the many little things to do. about a month ago i thought i still had a ton of time, but i'm now at the 6 month mark and i'm trying not to procrastinate anymore and doing whatever i can when i can. Are you bringing alot of things down? decor? oot bags?
  13. RIght now we're at about 50 people booked, including 7 babies/kids. Thinking we'll be up to 60-65. Are you going with Sunwing vacations and flying Sunday to Sunday? That kind of sucks about the 9pm dinner reservations. I do recall when i stayed there a few years ago, you really had to be up early to get any type of resos at the a la carts. Who did you book your transportation with? I have a couple quotes and they seem pricey ... anywhere from $8-12 per person round trip (to/from Cloisters). And what about your DJ? how and who did you select? did you shop around and were they all priced similarly? Sorry for all the questions, if you prefer to PM me instead, totally understand! Sounds like you're about set! I'm sure time has flown for you and you'll be there in no time!!
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