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  1. Brownsugarbride, i'm excited for you.. your big day is around the corner When are you planning on breaking the piñata? Will it only be you and your fiancé breaking it? Maybe children and others? Blind folded?
  2. Brownsugarbride, I'm bummed as well that we can't use fire dancers or the chinese heat lanterns. What other entertainment have you considered?
  3. HI Icboyko, sorry for the late response, I’ve been slammed at work. It would be great if you don’t mind me using some of your things. Soon as I know what I will use I will let you know so you can barrow them as well. Right now I’m in the process of figuring out the menu, soooo many options, I’m not sure if that’s good or bad… We just booked the DJ, DJ Diego from Evolution Mix Audiovisuales. Ohhhh, I can’t see the picture, I guess I have to pay in order to see it L. I would love to see it. I’ll PM my personal email and maybe you can send it to me there.
  4. OMG…. Sounds like we have a lot in common. We’ll be celebrating 20 years together and the 8th is our anniversary. We are comfortable how things are but now that we are older we start to think about the legal aspect of marriage. Love the colors you’ve chosen. I’m going to let the girls choose them; my only request is that they get bright colors. I haven’t had a chance to research the décor and food, soon as I work on that I will let you know. No time set, yet. I contacted my wedding coordinator back in November and she mentioned that the sun goes down at 5:05. I’m considering taking pictures at around 4:30 and taking advantage of the sunset. Planning on having a late ceremony under the moonlight, it’s supposed to be a full moon that week (hopefully it won't be overcast or raining). For music I’m having a miramba band (xylophone music) and a DJ. I haven’t really worked out the details and times. I'll post the pictures of the invitation soon as i figure out how to do it. What DJ are you using? My niece helped make the invitations. I also burned the edges of the invitation.
  5. Beee

    Message in a bottle

    Making - message in a bottle invitation
  6. lcboyko, things are moving along. Erica from weddingsinplaya.com is my wedding cordinator, she's AWESOME! She's on top of things and returns my emails right away. Wedding invitations were passed out at the end of Jan/Feb. I wanted people to get the invitation around tax season so they can plan their tax returns for the wedding I made message in a bottle invitations and everyone loved them. BF and I personally delivered them to family and friends, the invitation made people more excited about the wedding. I included a wedding website with all the information regarding the wedding, including hotel, travel agent, prices and places to visit, etc. I used www.wedsite.com, great website, you pay for this site but I loved it compared to the other sites I saw. We just booked our flight and hotel with our travel agent, I wanted to book early so family and friends can follow. I figured I would use a travel agent because she offered payment options, this way people can book and lock in today rates and pay as they want. Also, people would feel comfortable using her or at least start researching their stay. Ohhh and to my surprise, her prices were way better than expedia and other similar sites. Last week I went dress shopping with mom, maid of honor (sister), brides maid (niece) and we found my dress. I'm starting to check things off the list, I try to only work on one thing at a time and then move on to the next. Otherwise, I'm all over the place and don't seem to get it done. How is your planning going?
  7. congrats! I'm getting married at BV on Nov 14.. how exciting, we are few days apart from each other!
  8. Sorry for the late response.. If you take your own alcohol it's $1,750 and you have to take your own bartenders.
  9. HI snobunny79, did you get a chance to visit? If so what did you think?
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by awhiteside Hi Ladies! We will be having our reception at Blue Venado as well! We originally were going to have our ceremony and reception at Xcaret. But after a site visit, we ended up loving BV for the reception. Has anyone chosen their menu options already? We were able to do a tasting but still haven't been able to decide on final options but they said that can be decided later anyhow:). Hi awhiteside, I just booked BV but i'm having a hard time deciding on the menu. What menu are you leaning towards? Alcohol seems so expensive. We want the premium open bar for all night but it's an additional $80. What are you doing for alcohol? I'm going to ask BV if we can bring our own alcohol, if there is a charge and if we have to get a bartender.
  11. Hi Ladies, i'm having my wedding at BV, the deposit was made today. Our date is Nov 08, 2014, it's a little over 14 months away, it gives us enough time to pay and plan for it SVD cards went out about two month ago and soon as I know the resort/town houses/condos where I would like our guest to stay I will be sending the invitations, hopefully around Thanksgiving or Christmas. I’m giving guest enough time to plan for this event. I know people plan their vacations one year in advance and I want them to keep our wedding in mind when planning other vacations. Erica from weddingsinplaya.com is our wedding coordinator and she’s been so awesome and helpful. She’s been able to work with our budget and has put me in contact with photographers, condo rentals etc. I can’t imagine planning a destination wedding without her help. I’ll won’t get a chance to visit BV till the wedding but I trust her opinions. I’m soooo excited!!! I can’t wait to hear about your food, entertainment, and decoration ideas.
  12. One more question, did you provide transportation for your guest to BV, if so, what kind of transportation, Bus, taxi, van?
  13. Christine congratulations on you wedding, your wedding pictures are amazing! After reading your post and viewing your professional pictures from Del Sol I had to register and comment. In the reception pictures it appeared that everyone had a FUN time and that's exactly what i'm looking for, a fun time with friends and family. I'm looking for a private beach away from the crowds and hotels, I'm not a fan of strangers looking in. Depending on the price of BV I'm highly considering having my wedding there. It looks like the DJ had everyone dancing and entertained. I feel like the DJ, music, can make or break the dance floor. Who did you use and how did you find them? Did you like them? Was it your idea to use inflatable instruments, glasses, act. or did the DJ provide them? Did you ask for a particular kid of music/songs or did you leave it up to the DJ? Is it possible for you to share with me your budget and the vendors you used? Also, was it expensive to use Erica as your WC? What are her fees based on? Any help is greatly appreciated....
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