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  1. Hi All - For those of you thinking of doing a bonfire at Dreams, DO IT! We had sooooo much fun at ours and it really helped people get to know one another before the wedding. We got married on Saturday, May 31st and had the bonfire party on Thursday night right after our rehearsal. we did not get the food option because we just had everyone eat right after the rehearsal on their own. There was a taco bar at El patio restaurant right near the Gazebo where we held our rehearsal so it was perfect. We did get the bar service because it would have been too far to walk to a bar, so I highly recommend doing this. It was expensive and we were hesitant on doing it but we are so glad we did. We also had the photos and video from our package so we decided to use that service for the bonfire (we hired Alec and T for our wedding). We also bought sparklers for our bridal party and took an awesome picture! I was trying to upload pics but I have tried and tried and I keep getting an error message
  2. Same here. Apparently taxes rose 5% in Mexico for 2014. Suzanne Morel is a lot more expensive than what I wanted to pay for hair & make-up, but I have already booked her. The bummer is that she will not come to your hotel for just the bride, a 2-person minimum is required. My wedding is in just a couple weeks, I'll report back on the service and outcome.
  3. My wedding coordinator has been a life saver! Her name is Gaby Cobian with Vivid Ocassions. Our assigned Dreams Hotel WC left the hotel to take another job without giving us any notice. Luckily I found Gaby. Since I had already been planning my wedding for close to 6 months I had figured out vendors and done research. Gaby is my "day of coordinator." She has created a timeline for us and communicated with all the vendors. We didn't have plans to hire an external WC, but I'm so happy we did. You can email her at gaby@vividoccasions.com OR vividoccasions@@gmail.com Good Luck!
  4. Thanks Tammy! we ended up hiring Gaby Cobian from Vivid Ocassions and she has been great. Our new WC at Dreams is Marcela Castro who has been responsive, but I just needed the peace of mind. I am so sorry that happened to you 5 days before your wedding, I would have been freaking out! BUT, everything happens for a reason and YES, I hear Mariana is great. BTW, thanks for the recommendation on Teresa Stauring she has been great to work with!
  5. Hi Hannah, I'm a 5/31/14 dreams bride, wedding is coming up soon! I have the Ultimate package too, we decided not to do too many decorations so we didn't have to bring so much. I decided on very colorful flowers instead. We are getting a dance floor because it's easier to dance on, but we like the effect, you definitely don't need one otherwise. We are doing a bonfire party, and it's costly but we figured it's a good way for all of our friend to meet prior to the ceremony (we are having 70 guests). We aren't doing any favors, but instead a candy buffet. We got some really cute personalized candy bags. Happy Planning - it goes fast!
  6. Hi, I'm getting married on 5/31/14 at Dreams. I also have the Ultimate Dreams package but am not using the photographer. I am using Alec & T, they're pricey but pics are important to us. For our ceremony we are using Marco Arechiga (sp?), we've heard nothing but great things and so far communication has been great. Good luck planning, it goes by FAST!
  7. Hi! I'm getting married at Dreams on My 31st, 2014. I had a similar situation with the change of WC. My FI and I flew down last May and met with Yesica Garcia and loved her. We booked our date immediately, and Yesica never failed to get back to us in less than a week, she gave me a list of vendors and a lot of them were already booked or never responded. I did do a lot research and booked my own vendors which were all vetted through Yesica. In December 2013 I was emailing Yesica and didn't hear back for over a month. I figured it's the holidays and she was busy (as was I). We'll after almost 8 weeks, I emailed again and was told she was no longer with Dreams. I went into an immediate panic. I was assigned Marcela, but I felt like she was new and probably had a lot of catching up to do trying to pick up where Yesica left off. Dreams has weddings in a daily basis and I just didn't feel comfortable anymore. We ended up hiring Gaby Cobian from Vivid Occasions as our "Day-of WC" and she has been great. I am so much more at ease. It definitely was not budgeted for but to have someone create a timeline, confirm all vendors and assures everything will be under control that day makes a world of a difference. Good luck!!!
  8. Hi Wedding 92012! My wedding at Dreams is coming up on May 31, 2014. I too have the Ultimate Dreams wedding menu and I was wondering what you liked from your selection and what you didn't like. I'm having a hard time with the choices. Thanks!
  9. Hi All, I just got an email from Dreams telling me that Yesica Garcia is no longer working with the resort. She was my wedding coordinator for my upcoming May 2014 wedding and I am pretty bummed out about it. I immediately called the resort to speak with my new coordinator, Marcela Castro. She has not done a wedding yet but said she has been "practicing and learning." I am a bit stressed out right now because I personally did a site visit with Yesica last May and felt very comfortable with her. I don't know what to do. I would like to hire an external wedding coordinator, however all of the coordinators I have reached out to start off at about $2,000-$2,500. I am way over budget already. Any thoughts on what I should do?
  10. Yesica Garcia is no longer at Dreams Los Cabos

  11. I am getting married at Dreams Los Cabos on 5/31/14 and they have great packages. They are also family-friendly. You should check them out.
  12. Hi! My wedding is set for 5/31/14 at Dreams and I was pondering on the same question for a long time (since my package came with make-up and hair). After reading through countless postings I didn't hear great things about the salon. I decided to book Suzanne Morel. She is expensive, but makeup and hair is probably one of the things I don't want to skimp on and I hear her makeup artist do a good job. I will let you know how it goes Good luck!
  13. Ladies any help is much appreciated!!! We are hoping to only have 50 guests, but we have a long list of invites! Need help with -Decorations for tables, especailly candles. Do you bring these with you? -Flower recommendations -Has anyone ever gotten the "lights under the table" feature at Dreams? -Booked my reception at the Casade Terrace since my FI wanted the beach backdrop, I know this isn't as private as the Oceana, but is it really a nuisance with people gawking?
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