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  1. She is probably much more pleasant if she agrees with the style that you've picked. If she disagrees and wants you to have something different though...look out. She IS a VERY pushy woman. Ultimately, it is totally up to you. Her staff do beautiful work, and the cosmetic outcome is fine, it just might be at a price. If you don't get ruffled easily and you are ok with a bit of drama, it might be fine. If you want your day to be YOUR day, and to be a happy occasion, you might want to reconsider booking here.
  2. I am not the type of person to write reviews, but I am so upset by our experience at Suzanne Morel's salon, that I really felt it necessary in this case. I was a bridesmaid in a wedding earlier this year and we had our hair done at Suzanne's salon. It was the most upsetting and unprofessional display I have ever seen. Various online reviews of this salon note that Suzanne is a perfectionist, and yes, I can attest to that. Our bride brought a photo of a hairstyle she wanted - swept up into a high bun. Suzanne told her that her "forehead is already huge" and that the hairstyle would accentuate it even more. We, her bridesmaids, trying to be supportive, told her that it's her day, and she should go with the style she had picked months ago. Suzanne interrupted and said that her clients represent her salon, and she won't have someone looking bad with her name on it. They talked about it for a good 20 minutes, and Suzanne basically refused to give the bride that style - she had to choose another. We encouraged her to stick with her original plan. The bride, understandibly upset, broke out into tears. Suzanne, in a display I honestly still cannot believe, told all of the bridesmaids to get out of the room. She herded us all into a separate room, and slammed the door (I have only ever seen children do this). The bride was alone in the room for the rest of the day - we weren't allowed to talk to her because Suzanne claimed we were upsetting her too much and that we were "horrible people for making a bride cry on her wedding day". We had our hair done in a separate room and were only allowed to see the bride at the end. This is NO way to treat customers under ANY circumstances. If we had been rude or offensive in some way, I would understand her becoming upset with us. However, we are all professional women in our late 20s, and to be treated like impetulant children by this overbearing, rude woman was humiliating, incredibly upsetting, and it started what should have been a beautiful day on a very, very negative note. I believe that in her mind, she is doing her clients a favour by being insistent, and bringing her vast experience in to play. However, when she does this at the expense of following a bride's wishes, something's wrong. Our hair was certainly well-done (though significantly overpriced) in the end, but the experience was just so horrible, I would never recommend this salon to anyone. It is just not worth it. As a physician, I ensure that every patient who comes into my clinic is treated with the utmost respect. I would never assault their character, slam doors in their faces, or analyze their physical flaws loudly and obnoxiously. It is a shame that Suzanne doesn't view her clients as people who deserve a similar treatment.
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