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  1. I'm bringing down a whackload of decor down so if anyone is interested in buying any, let me know. We're there from Nov 13-23 but if you're coming later, i can leave it at the resort for you. Our colours are champagne and blush. 1) 13 very tall vases- some with rhinestone bling (20 inches or 50 cm) 2) 44 paper lanterns in 12, 16, and 20" (blush, ivory, rosette) 3) 100 LED tealights 4) 75 tealight holders (some with rhinestine bling) 5) 11 9" roseball pomanders with pearls and gems (blush, peach, pinks, ivory) They are stunning!! 6) 2 12" roseball pomanders with pearls and gems (same colours as 9") 7) A few signs- Here Comes your Girl, I know you'd be here today if heaven weren't so far away, Love is sweet, so please take a treat, All you need is love 8) 2 champagne sequin tablecloths for headtable 9) 40 paper bags that light up for entry way. That's all i can think of right now, but let me know if there's anything you'd like! My cell is 780.995.1670 or email me at lindsay22_875@hotmail.com. If you message me on here, i may not get it b/c i don't always check this.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by yycStacy For any of the ladies out there planning on their reception being held at Plaza Zavaz.... apparently it was torn down today. It had become unstable due to the recent storms. My dad got to the resort early, so he has been delivering this information. I'm guessing they will rebuild it at some point, but not before our wedding on Nov 11... I'm also freaking out since our wedding is Nov 17 and we have 100 ppl so not sure where they can accommodate that many guests, besides the ballroom.
  3. hey ladies!! wondering if anyone has done or is doing a photobooth at their wedding? i want to do my own but am concerned about the lighting, etc.
  4. hey! just wondering how the photobooth worked out? how did it work in the dark? where did you have it set up?
  5. Hello ladies! For brides giving out welcome or oot bags, how many tablets of advil and pepcid ac did you give to each guest?
  6. Hi! Just wondering how many advil and pepcid ac tablets you guys are giving to each guest?
  7. Hey! Just wondering how many pepcid ac and how many advil you're giving each guest?
  8. Do you still have all your tealight holders? Can you send me pics if you do?
  9. Hey does anyone know where I can find individual packets of pepcid ac, immodium, and little bottles of pepto bismol?
  10. Hey does anyone know where I can find individual packets of pepcid ac, immodium, and little bottles of pepto bismol?
  11. Hi ladies!! Can anyone tell me where they got their canvas welcome/oot bags from? I live in Canada so would prefer to go to a store and grab them but online suggestions are good too. Thanks!!
  12. Hey girls! I'm having a hard time deciding on a photographer. I'm undecided between Dean Sanderson, Ivan Luckie, or bringing my own from home. Believe it or not, it's actually quite a bit cheaper to bring my own from home. Our ceremony is at 1pm & I want the photog to be there when we're getting ready up until the beginning of the dances, so it would be 10+ hrs of coverage, which is quite pricey. I also really want to do a trash the dress session and am leaning more towards using Dean or Ivan for this reason. They're underwater pics look amazing.Does anyone have any recommendations on using Dean or Ivan?
  13. Hi! Congrats on your wedding! Do you have any pics? I'm considering using Dean Sanderson, Ivan Luckie, or just bringing my own from home. It is cheaper to bring my own from home but i like the idea of using a mexican photog b/c they know the area and the trash the dress pics look unreal!! Was Dean worth the price?
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