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  1. Depends who you fly with but we had the same as Jennifer. We are flying west jet and got the same offer with the credit. Different airlines may have different rules.
  2. @Crystal I have my wedding booked too were getting married Nov 20/13. We do not have a photographer coming with us either, I refuse to pay the outrageous vendor fee so I'm going to use the photographers from the hotel. I have checked out their website. There pictures are very nice and would do a better job than any guest that is coming with me. Has anyone else on here used the hotels photography?
  3. I heard that if you do not use the WBA photographers you have to pay a $500 vender fee? Is that correct? Has anyone used their photographer? How were the pictures?
  4. Wow I commpletly found this forum by accident but SOOOOOO glad that I did!!!!! I have just decided on Now Larimar as my wedding hotel and have/had so many questions that as time progresses i'm sure someone will be able to help out.