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  1. That is a really good idea! Paint swatches can always save the day
  2. We sent out our Save the Dates just last week. We are planning to send invitations out in June with an RSVP for the end of October. We figure that is plenty of time for everyone to get themselves situated. Also, we have a "backup" list if anyone says they can't come. We aren't letting people know this...but we want to make sure to have 40-45 people at our wedding. There are so many more people we want to invite - and figure we will just start to go down the list as we get regrets. Sigh...so complicated
  3. That is so neat that you let your future step daughter pick the color. Gave me goosebumps!! It's a great way to get her involved. It is obvious you don't have a "bridezilla" bone in you
  4. Call your credit card company and dispute the last charge that you said you don't know what it is for. Also - if you used that card for the other charges - you can dispute all the charges that were made where you didn't receive the service. The CC company will go after them - you won't have to deal with it. But call them right away - you have a limited time frame to dispute charges and have a favorable decision made. Good luck to you - and so sorry it is happening!
  5. That's a good idea too! I hesitate to open a cc though - we might try to buy a house in the near future and don't want that on my/our credit report. Something to think about though...thanks!
  6. Ok - the beautiful red one is just beautiful! I'm studying the picture to see how to make them. Or are there instructions out there somewhere that I missed in the 13 pages of comments? Much appreciated for any help!
  7. I have tears I was laughing so hard. The chest hair got me!
  8. Great tip on the baggage fees - I forgot that first class gets that as well! Although - I"ll probably still have to ship some stuff. The laterns and garden stakes might not make a plane trip
  9. Oooo! That sounds great! I have only been to Siesta Key once and it was beautiful. But I can't recommend anything - sorry! I am getting married in Naples in January - so glad to see another Florida destination bride on here! Good luck planning! Let me know what you end up finding!
  10. One of my bridesmaids was just in a different wedding where the bride did let the girls pick their own dress, it just had to be in a certain color. The bride said it was a nightmare. Between making sure that all the fabrics went together, the colors kinda matched, length of dresses all looked okay, etc etc etc - she said if she could do it over again - she would have picked out a dress style for everyone and then let them pick the color of that style. Or just make everyone wear the same thing. I felt the same way you do, and all three of my BMs told me that they wouldn't have accepted if they weren't ready for the expense. My girls are great - and I bet yours will understand too Good luck!
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