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  1. we were married on 6th November 2013 at the casitas d'italia gazebo at 3.30pm (I changed the time to 30mins earlier than planned due to someones suggestion on here so thank you for that!) me, my 2 bridesmaids, mother and mother in law all got their hair styled at the casitas spa - Vicky was excellent, although on the day I got my hair done last and was seriously rushing to get my makeup done which wasnt great but they didnt mind me being a little late! we used sarani photography and had a mini video done, Lunic was our photographer and she was absolutely brilliant, We couldnt be more happy with the pictures and video. We had a lovely dinner at D'Italia casitas and they put us in our own little room in the resteraunt which was a lovely suprise. The weather was perfect on the day but if I was to do it again I would definatly pick another DRYER month lol.
  2. Thank you for sharing your pictures it looks gorgeous! We are also having pink as our colour, I have decided against sheers as they are too expensive, i really like the look of this gazebo and dont think it really needs them, I do like the flowers tho. If I decide to have chairs I will have 2 rows of 2 either side possibly with pale pink sashes but I am liking the idea of us all standing, how long does the ceremony take?
  3. Thank you, I will be! we are looking forward to having lobster as neither of us have ever tried it
  4. Thank you for your reply originally it was just gong to be the two of us so we are really happy both our parents are coming and my sister and close family friend, our ceremony is on 6th November at the d'italia casitas gazebo at 4pm, we are just having a normal legal ceremony, how long does it take? I actually really like the idea of everyone standing with us, i just don't want them to be standing for too long as my father in law has a bad knee! We chose to have our meal at the italian reseraunt as we love italian and everyone seems to rave about the food in reviews
  5. Sorry for yet another question but I want to have the petal isle runner, has anyone had one? Do they blow away in the wind? Also we are only having 6 guests and not sure what to do with 6 chairs I don't want it to look crap lol any ideas? Im thinking it would look so much better if we had 2 rows of 2 either side but it doesn't look like anyone else can make it unfortunately
  6. Thank you so much for the quick reply! It's looks gorgeous! I am currently choosing our menu and I will be going with the chocolate surprise!
  7. I had this problem too and i am also disappointed sarani couldn't be our photographer, if you look on sarani website and look under photographers I think there are links to James and lunics blogs, we chose lunic as she looked more artistic and less posey but both look really good, has anyone used lunic? I
  8. Hi, does anyone know what the 'chocolate suprise' dessert is in the Italian restaurant??
  9. Does anyone know what size drapes/sheers I need for d'italia casitas gazebo? I am going to buy my own as its so expensive renting them, what material is best? Thank you
  10. Brill! Thank you so much for that info, it was really helpful! I have emailed her to request D'Italia casitas gazebo
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