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  1. I just came back from our wedding last Sunday! It was everything I had imagined!!! I had two songs played during the cocktail hour right after the ceremony, only because I had asked the sound guy to play them and he was pretty nice about it. I did notice that right after the ceremony they start to pack up right away so I think he was just being nice but anyway, after two songs that I asked to play then they packed up. The cocktail hour was fine without music. People were talking, drinking and taking pics so it wasn't awkward silent. I just had my wedding on Sunday Dec 8th and it was everything I had imagined!!! I had 2 songs played during cocktail hour only because I requested it. I noticed how quick they pack up the sound system after the ceremony so I think he was being nice by allowing my 2 songs to play during cocktail hour. Also, after the songs were finished it was not awkward silent. My guests were eating, talking and taking pictures so it was fine. Don't stress too much about that.
  2. Just married the love of my life on December 8th, 2013!

  3. At 3:30 Looking forward to meeting you! Any last minute suggestions?
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by kylieb Hi! Our wedding is this Saturday, the 7th; Thanks for asking! We are just finishing up last minute details and are anxiously waiting to head out there on Wednesday!! Any last minute tips?! We leave on Wednesday also! Hopefully we can meet!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by kissta They did bring a book to the bridal salon, but it looked a little dated. I think that if you don't want to get a trial done up here, you should bring a photo of what you'd like your hair to look like. The girl I got (can't remember her name) was really good, so I wouldn't worry too much! I was really impressed by her! Thank you for your feedback!! One more thing: did you have the grilled buffet? If so, how was it?
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by brookesileo Hi Ladies, 1Pris I have all the same concerns you have, I have no idea if I should do a trial on my hair, do I really want to spend the extra money to do that? I didn't even think about a rehearsal dinner until now? My package that I choose comes with a free one hour welcome cocktail party per 10 guests that I am having, do you think it would be fine to use that as my rehearsal dinner? Are you using the in house decorations place? I got a quote of 85 plus tax(which their tax rate is crazy expensive, so it comes to 107 per centerpiece). It seems expensive for a centerpiece so basic. But is it worth all the extra headache of bringing down my own centerpieces? What have you decided on? Krissta, your photos are beautiful, did you use Arrefice? What month did you have your wedding in? Any advice for welcome bags do's and don'ts? I think I am going to go ahead and get the trial do back at home and take lots of pictures. I agree that the one hour welcome party would be fine for your rehearsal dinner. I only have 20 people in my guest list so I don't feel the need to have a welcome dinner. We are all going to hang out anyway since my guests are immediate family members. Also, I am not using the in house decorations. I am bringing my own beautiful silver candle votives with battery tea lights. I am renting vases and just sticking our fresh flower bouquets in them as centerpieces. I will also have the oriental chinese lanterns for my lighting. I think the best advice that I have heard: dont worry too much about details because you are already in a beautiful location. Keep it simple and avoid a headache. Also, I am giving my guests a souvenir tote bag with our names and wedding date. I am not spending money to stuff it though. I am bringing a good amount of items as it is and dont want to bring any more than I have to. BTW I ordered my bags from zazzle.com and absolutely love them. This site always has great buys! Good luck with planning! My big day is December 8th and I will definitely come back to review the experience!
  7. Thank you!! Luckily I do speak Spanish I just don't know how I want my hair yet!! (( do they have styles or magazines that we can choose hairstyles from? Or would you really recommend me to get a trial do at home? Also, did you say that you had the grilled buffet? If so how was it?
  8. Yes Theresa is amazing!!! I have heard back the resort regarding the invoice and sending payment in. Is welcome cocktail and rehearsal dinner included in your package? I haven't planned anything like that :/
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by kylieb Hi! Thank you so much for your review; I am getting married December 7 (just a couple weeks away!) and am certainly getting hit with last minute nerves. It is helpful to read such a positive review, especially regarding the photography since we also have hired Joaquin. You looked absolutely beautiful, FYI I have a quick question for you: how did you transport your items down to the resort? Did you check them? And did you use boxes, suitcases, or bins? Any advice, from you or anyone else would be REALLY helpful! Thank you!! Our days are almost here!! I'm so excited!!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by kissta Hello kylieb! Good luck with your upcoming wedding! We were so unbelievably happy with Joaquin's work - he is truly amazing and was such a pleasure to work with! Our trash the dress pictures are the best and I would recommend it because you are less nervous (they do it 2 days after the wedding). I wore a simple, short white dress as I didn't want to truly trash mine Thank you for the compliment! I wish I could relive the day. It went by so fast and it was all a blur until we watched the wedding video! I had 80 people ... which meant I brought down A LOT of stuff for welcome bags. I borrowed 7 family members' carry-ons and our luggage is really big. That's how I brought everything down and we carried our dress and suit onto the plane. Be careful though - the woman who checked my dad's bag said his carry-on was too heavy and actually charged him $105 to check it - oh well! Anything else you need answered, just let me know. But don't worry - I had such a wonderful experience and you will too! It is so perfect there! Take care! Thank you so very much for this review. Its calms my worries about everything. Another question, did you go for a trial hair do? Did you show them what you wanted? Kylieb, I'm right behind you! December 8th! Soooo excited!!!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by ayansi08 Hi Ladies!!! I haven't posted in while but wanted to share the following... My husband and I got married last year at PPC on October 27th and it was beautiful! Before deciding on having our wedding at PPC we were considering the Paradisus Cancun. (We had never visited either resort before making our decision) For our 1 year anniversary we used our complementary free nights and went to the Paradisus in Cancun last weekend. I just wanted to let you ladies know that you have all made an AMAZING decision in choosing PPC as your weeding location. The Cancun resort does not compare to PPC!!! I know how nerve wrecking planning a destination wedding is, especially if you aren't able to visit the resort before your wedding. I promise you, you all have made the best decision in having your wedding at PPC!!! I can't remember if I ever posted any pics but here are a few..... Thank you!! It eases my mind to know that we made a great choice! Beautiful pics!
  12. Oh my!!! I'm getting nervous but excited as well. Planning is all I do! I mainly do my shopping for items online since I don't have the time during the day to do any shopping. It's working out well so far! I order And wait for items to come in! What about yourself!? Are you ready to go!?
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