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  1. Our photographer was Ivan Luckie - his Trash the Dress pictures were our FAVOURITE part of the whole package! We didn't actually trash the dress though because the tides were too strong in Cabo, so this is our "Slightly Dirty" the Dress photos lol.
  2. After a LONG wait for photos, our pictures are professional pictures are finally here! We were married at Dreams Los Cabos on August 22, 2014. Our photographer was Ivan Luckie. So nice to re-live that special week. Here are a few of my favourites:
  3. I got married at Dreams Cabo! I was very happy with my wedding and if you have specific questions, feel free to ask
  4. We made SUPER fancy oot bags and guests greatly enjoyed them but our bags did not contain Bubba Kegs. However, we gave parents of the bride/groom Bubba Kegs before leaving for Mexico and they RAVED about them and forgot all about the oot bags. It almost made me wish we'd given those instead.
  5. Thank you! It's a ball gown Essence D1413. I was actually really nervous about it right up until the wedding because it didn't seem as "modern" as the dresses I'd seen on my friends but alas, it all worked out in the end and I'm in love with how it looked on me.
  6. I got the fans from Oriental Trading and when they first arrived, I was VERY worried. They seemed very cheap and some of the wood was breaking off. However, after opening them and closing them a few times, they were perfectly usable condition. I didn't notice any flaws on them on the day and people used them throughout the entire ceremony and reception. Paper fans are perfectly fine!
  7. We're back! The wedding was amazing and I'm so glad I did destination. After pouring through all the threads on this website, it's time for me to give back and do a full planning thread. Our professional pictures from Ivan Luckie aren't in yet but one of our friends brought her really nice camera so our guest photos are amazing. The Engagement We started dating on April 19, 2009 and were engaged on July 19, 2013. He proposed at home to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Israel, which we would later use in our ceremony. The ring was a gorgeous solitaire and DH chose it all by himself with no hints from me. It happened at home and then we went for ice cream, dinner downtown, to an adults event at Science World, and finished off the evening with chocolate lava cake. OOT Bags I spent SO much time on these bags; I swear they took up 80% of the wedding planning. I got all the products from a myriad of websites (mainly Discount Mugs and Oriental Trading), as well as the Dollar Store and the Body Shop. The bags contained: 1 personalized beach bag (the biggest hit) 2 loofahs 2 tumblers 2 lanyards for room key/tip money 1 large bath product Wedding Goodies (mini lotions, shower gels, Kleenex, etc.) Vacation Survival Kit (anti-diarrhea pills, Advil, tums, toothbrush, floss, gum) 1 Magazine 1 personalized Do Not Disturb Sign 1 Deck of Cards 1 Welcome Letter Bridesmaids Gifts 1 personalized hanger 1 Coach wristlet 1 monogrammed makeup bag filled with goodies (eye shadow palette, mascara, lip gloss, Bobby Pins) Groomsmen Gifts Their gift was largely attire (shirt, suspenders, pants, tie) but also: 1 pair of aviator sunglasses 1 pair of multicoloured green socks Father of the Bride Gift Jewelry I only wear earrings for my jewelry The Ceremony It was gorgeous. I couldn't have asked for more. Even though the gazebo at Dreams was pretty small, it was perfect for our 30 person wedding. I can't stop looking at my ceremony pictures - it was my favourite part of the wedding for sure. Fans & Bubbles on gold chivari chairs Setup: Bridesmaids and Groomsmen standing outside of gazebo Bridesmaid Flowers: White calla lillies provided by the resort The Dress (and Bouquet) Essence of Australia - $1500.00 before alterations White roses provided with my "Ultimate Wedding" package at Dreams Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Attire Bridesmaids dresses - purchased from Le Chateau (no alterations needed) Cocktail Hour As the bride and groom, we didn't get to enjoy any of the hors d'oeuvres but we heard good things about them. The package also came with an entertaining Mariachi Band Reception Set-Up We were very minimilastic with decor so all the linens were white and the only gold accent were the chairs. We had basic white rose centerpieces. We paid $200.00 for the hanging lanterns and they were definitely worth it. Made the whole setting that much more beautiful and "tied together". Guest Table The Table Setup Head Table Centerpieces Cake Dulche de Leche 2 layers - provided by the resort with the Ultimate Wedding Package We bought the cake toppers from Party City for $8.00 each First Dance with Sparklers (one of my favourite parts of the reception) The sparklers were $3.00 each but it was totally worth it. They burned for about 2 minutes and it made for some beautiful photos. Our song was - "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri Thank You Cards Instead of place cards, we pre-wrote Thank you Cards (we asked for no gifts so we were basically just thanking people for coming to Mexico for the wedding). DH and I had written personal notes to each person and they were put at each place setting upon arrival. Makeup I had my makeup done with Suzanne Morel. They were EXTREMELY pricy but I think it was worth it in the end because they did whatever I wanted and if I asked for anything to be fixed, they were on it right away. They did my sister/MOH's makeup as well as my mother's. Everyone was very happy with the results. All in all, it was wonderful. We really enjoyed our time at Dreams Cabo with all of our friends and I would recommend a destination wedding to anyone who asks.
  8. It is reassuring (but still upsetting) to see that we are all going through this together. Shantal has not sent me an e-mail since APRIL and my wedding is on August 22. I am very concerned! If we are truly able to get all the details ironed out once I arrive at Dreams, then I will accept that. Can anyone give me any feedback on this? Do most of the decisions get made during the consultation upon arrival at Dreams?
  9. I know this thread hasn't been active for a while, but if anyone can offer some advice - that'd be great! I've been reading reviews on Trip Advisor religiously about how there is no nightly entertainment at Dreams. I'm concerned about this because I'm a big night person! What did you and your friends do at night at Dreams?
  10. Some parts have been really fun (ie. bridesmaids gifts and OOT bags) but other parts have been very stressful. I'm not a big wedding person so I find a lot of the costs really annoying and overwhelming. Choosing a date was definitely the biggest source of anxiety but it's been smooth sailing for about a month now.
  11. Some parts have been really fun (ie. bridesmaids gifts and OOT bags) but other parts have been very stressful. I'm not a big wedding person so I find a lot of the costs really annoying and overwhelming. Choosing a date was definitely the biggest source of anxiety but it's been smooth sailing for about a month now.
  12. I think I've finally decided what I want to get for my bridesmaids. It's not confirmed yet but I'm thinking they will each get: 1 personalized hanger for their dress 1 clutch 1 makeup eyeshadow palette 1 personalized waffle makeup bag
  13. The main things left are: -Bridesmaids Gifts -Groomsmen Attire -Groom's Attire -OOT bags Pretty much everything else is done. I've booked photography, makeup, hair, and put the deposit down for the resort so I'm truly grateful that the big stuff is out of the way. My best friend's bachelorette and bridal party is up next, and then comes all the crazy stuff once my sister's (maid of honour) July wedding draws a little closer.
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