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  1. My guys are wearing a light weight tan suit with white shirts and coral vests (the will only be wearing the suit coat for the ceremony). They are also going barefoot. At first I thought that would be weird however I think wearing shoes would be unfitting as it is a beach wedding! My girls and I are wearing foot jewelry! So basically barefoot! [/ATTACHMENT]
  2. Ya me either. I dont think anything we are doing is traditional! You'll figure it out just make sure to research before you buy invites cause theres alot of good places!
  3. Ya I am learning the do it yourself thing too but its worth it! And kind of fun! I am having a reception here after but im just going to do like a huge bbq reception I think. Since most people I really want there are coming. However for save the dates I just made one on my computer with pictures and info on the wedding and resort. I didnt want to spend alot on stds and invites. Then for the invitations I ordered mine from zazzle.com. they have really cute destination wedding invites! Not TOP quality however nice! I got passprt invites! But they have really cute boarding pass ones and 1000s of styles and are cheap. I paid like $60 or 70 for 40 I think. A good idea to save money on two sets for the wedding and at home reception is to include that info on the save the dates. Then have two rsvp cards for people to tell you of they will be attending just the wedding, reception, or both!
  4. Also it really helps if you spread it out. I started getting things right away and slowly getting things I need so I can spread out my money. One week ill get one thing and the next week ill get something else so that I dont have to spend alot at once and it also helps to get things done early and not have to stress later!
  5. Ya im trying to do everything myself. Except my bouquet, my arch, and maybe tiki torches. But im making my bridesmaids bouquets, program fans, chair bows since the chairs already have a white cover included, I might even make my own flower arrangement for the arch since their flowers are so expensive. Im also making my own centerpieces and putting them together when I get there. And honestly you will find that doing it yourself is MUCH cheaper and also it Helps to do it yourself since you see what you are getting since if they do thinks you physically cant see what is in your wedding until you get there. But chairs do have white chair covers on them. My wedding is may 1...when is yours??
  6. Ya im not too sure if you have to use a certain dj. I was originally going to just use the sound system and just have someone pay attention but I just found out my friends boyfriend is a dj so I was thinking about just using the sound system and having him bring his equipment and being our dj.
  7. The $80 pp is total not per hour. Sound system is $540 for 3 hours and a DJ is $750 for 3 hours. Other charges is up to you. There are other things such as decor but nothing major unless you get extra decor. Im bringing alot of my own tho. On the website they have a "wedding guide" which includes pricing for EVERYTHING! You can print it. It alao tells you food options too!
  8. There is no extra cost for the reception. Its included! Thats why they charge 80 pp. 3 hours is included however if you want long there is an extra cost.
  9. I am getting married here first because it saves $150 and you dont have to worry about wending stuff and waiting months for your marriage certificate. Also when I get there I do not want to have to fill out paperwork! I want to relax and worry about other things than filling out paperwork!
  10. Also wild orchid and st james are basically one resort so you can give your guests the option to stay at either! I am staying at wild orchid cause its newer and closer to restaurants but I have guests staying at both!
  11. My wedding date is may 1, 2014! And if you go to the secrets website and go to wild orchid and tyen click on weddings on the left. there is a wedding guide you can download and that has ALOT of info! Including extras and pricing and packages, food etc. Let me know if y9u cant find it and ill try to post the link on here!
  12. Yes my reception is private and it set up on the beach with buffet cake and champagne included. I think the cost for extra guests is $80 but if I remember correctly iberostar was only 10 guests included. You can also have your reception held in the ballroom for complete privacy however I want mine on the beach! I chose the ultimate package which is $3000 and the deposit was $500 which obviously deducted from the package price. Also after the ceremony there is a cocktail hour with appetizers and a jamaican band playing included!!! However there is an extra charge for music at the ceremony. I am just using their sound system instead of dj or band. Or you can even bring your own speakers and sound system and save money! I did a group contract with my ta and so my guests paid $100 deposit and that reserves their room! Its also a really nice incentive that you get such a large discount depending on how many rooms you book. You also get other incentives like a welcome party with drinks and appetizers, etc. Just for having a group! Im not trying to tell you what you should do but I wouod definitely go with secrets! I was in the same boat as you. I almost chose iberostar but after researching and emailing back and forth with both resorts, secrets is by far better and cheaper. I think iberostar is an awesome resort for vacation but for a wedding secrets definitely takes it! Let me know if you have any more questions! Im happy to help:)
  13. Oh and I am also doing a ttd session but I have a photographer in the family so that saves me money...
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