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  1. Hey girls, I'm pretty new here and planning a quick second wedding at Dreams Cancun in April. I picked out my dress at David's Bridal after trying on only about 6 dresses. Since this my second go-round, I've been amazed at how much easier it all is! The dress I ultimately picked is not one I liked on the rack. The saleslady suggested I try it however, and I was totally sold! I haven't seen anyone else on here or other websites with this dress, though, so I hope it isn't too unfashionable. I had a more traditional strapless ballgown for my first wedding, and I wanted this one to be more classic and grownup. I'm also a huge Downton Abbey fan, and there's something about the back of this dress that reminds me of bygone eras. It will look beautiful on the beach (although the actual ceremony will be in the Gazebo at Dreams). Anyway, here's my dress, plus the dress on the model. I was surprised how different it looked on me. I was wearing a slip that's showing through, so hopefully there won't be that weird line across my middle at the wedding, and if I manage to stand up straight, my spine won't be so poky-looking. =)
  2. Hey girls! My little sister got married at Dreams Cancun in May last year, and it was absolutely the most beautiful wedding I have ever attended. I recently got engaged, and my fiance and I have decided to elope this April and get married in the same place! It is the second wedding for the two of us, so we are doing it alone and then having a small church wedding for our families when we get back. For those of you wondering about whether to use the resort photographer, I personally think Adventure Photos did a FANTASTIC job on my sister's photos. It's part of the reason we decided to get married there. Here's the link to her photos: http://CARPENTERMARTINEZ.dreamsresortcancun.adventurephotos.com.mx/#/slideshow-1/ My fiance and I had a few photos taken after my sister's photo shoot, and that dock has to be one of the most beautiful spots in Cancun! Also, my sister wore her hair mostly down, and although it was extremely windy, the hairstyle held up really well (as opposed to mine, which was a frizzy mess). If I remember correctly, however, she was not happy with her makeup, so I plan to do my own. Her coordinator (and mine) was Cecilia, and she was very easy to work with, especially on-site. Right now our big dilemma is figuring out whether to do the legal ceremony, or just wait until we get back and do the church ceremony a few weeks later. The legal ceremony is almost $800 more, and I'm a little leery about getting a blood test done in Mexico. Steph
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