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  1. Short but quick review.... Was due to get married at noon on Dec 10, but when I had my meeting with Vinnette, she told me the Dolce Vita restaurant was double booked as well as the gazebo and because I arrived last, I was not able to argue why I should have the Dolce Vita and gazebo like I had reserved. I was going to be put in the Garden Grill and then sent out to the end of the beach by the nudist area for the reception party. For those who know this resort, it is a LONG walk to get to the end of the beach. Then I would have had to pay for a bartender at $23 per person which I didn't budget for. Personally, I think because I had the 'free package' someone else came along and offered more money then I was willing to pay to reserve these areas. So after I shed a few tears Vinnette and Kalfani came up with a resolution that the wedding would be moved from Dec 10 to Dec 11. Then I could have my 4pm wedding, Dolce Vita and gazebo party. So then I had to race around the resort to ensure everyone knew it was changed. Unfortunately, 4 of my guests were staying at a resort in Montego Bay and never got the message about the change so they ended up at our resort on Dec. 10th to be turned away to come back on the 11th. They were not charged day pass fees due to the mix up. Dec 11th was one of the only nice days the entire week we were there, so it ended up being a good thing that the date was moved. Vinnette upgraded my bouquet for free to a gorgeous orchid bouquet full of tangerine, hot pink, turquise and white orchids. The minister was absolutely adorable. Steel drum band was really great too. For the Dolce Vita meal we had caesar salad with chicken, tomato soup, the stuffed chicken and risotto and profiteroles for dessert. All very yummy. For the centerpieces I had ordered the $15 centerpiece which is a 10" vase with submersed orchids and a floating candle. I had asked for white orchids but some had fuschia orchids in them which I didn't like. When we got to the gazebo, Vinnette had thrown in a bar and bartender which was really great. The bartender was fantastic, really funny and entertaining. We had asked for a table with some water and pop on it and didn't expect the bar at all. There were a few disappointments to the day as well. Photos: I had reserved Chris Lee and ended up getting Emilio for the photos. Emilio was very nice and his pictures were fine, but there were no 'fun' photos. My husband and I aren't 'romantic' people and most of the photos have us kissing or gazing at one another. Hair: I had my hair done at the resort and the updo was very nice but then she put on one last layer of hairspray and the weight of it flattened my hair it to my head. Misc.: My cousin couldn't come to the wedding and she sent me a gorgeous arrangement of tropical flowers. Honestly, it must have cost her $200. So I used them on the signing table, and then they moved them to the Dolce Vita and used them in front of the head table. And then I never saw them again. I went to the Dolce Vita the next evening and they didn't have them so they must have thrown them out. I was really upset. Also, my sister had left her camera on the table at the Dolce Vita and that was never turned in as well. When we left the restaurant, the waiters were already cleaning the tables so I figure one of them pocketed it, after we tipped them too. And I never got back any items that I brought to use on the tables like my David Tutera diamonds. In the end, Vinnette was extremely helpful and knew what she was doing and the weather the day of the wedding was beautiful so changing the day ended up being a good thing. Would disappointments happened anywhere else? Yes. We had our beautiful Jamaican wedding and I got the sunset photos that I wanted.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by jmarshall Thanks!! Vinnette only gave us three menu options for the Dolce Vita and we were able to mix and match those three menus, and mixing was free of charge. Not sure if 6:30 is an option; she didn't give us a choice... she just said dinner is at 6:00. For the bouquet and boutonniere upgrade it was $85. Be forewarned... initially they tried to charge me a delivery fee of like $10 because it wasn't the included bouquet and boutonniere... I argued it and they waived it. So watch for that. Jenna Thanks Jenna. I think I'll just do the free bouquet anyway as the wedding is at noon and I don't think the flowers will make it through the heat of the day anyhow. It's funny how everyone has their hand out whenever weddings are involved. I'm sending over my stuff to Vinnette tonight with my song choices and ceremony script so I'll get her to confirm the dinner time to me. I'm sure she told me (or Stephany) that it was at 6:30. Just want to finish off my schedule of events to include in the OOT bags. The tips on the buffet are great. I have been reading tripadvisor and all your comments are pretty much what other guests are saying at the resort too.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by baezsolano I have finally read thru all pages of this blog! Learned a lot and I'm convinced, buying my dress on dhgate and already have my eye Oma couple vendors. Thanks to all!!! But I saw most brides have actually custom ordered their draw whether it was style or size. I'm a pretty everage size and was just thinking of ordering a regular size. I only saw one post that said to order one size bigger so that I can make alterations if necessary. So my questions: Has anyone ordered a regular size from their charts? Should I order a size bigger that what I normally am? Is it easy to make he alterations once I have the dress here in the US? I would assume as long as I find a good seemstress/tailor I should be ok right? Thanks again! You're better off getting the dress custom made to your size. Alterations can be very expensive. To just hem my chiffon dress, it was $175... And then one side is shorter then the other!! So I took it elsewhere and had it taken in at the sides for $60 but she couldn't fix the bottom. Made me wish I had actually just ordered my dress from Babyonline instead.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by tram13 You can totally write your own! I asked Vinnette about this, as we both didn't really care for the ceremony script. So we wrote our own as well, and Vinnette just asked me to send them to her so that she can forward them onto the Minister for his review. Hope that helps! :-) That helps! Thanks!
  5. Jenna - Thank you so much for writing a review! Your pics are simply beautiful and your dress was amazing. Did the resort willingly let you mix and match the menu items at the Dolce Vita? Or did you have to pay extra to do that? Also, are the dinners at 6:00 or did you have the option of having it start at 6:30? And last question.... how much did you have to pay for the bouquet upgrade? Congratulations!!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by tram13 Oh!! I am sooo happy to hear this!!! You must feel so relieved! Fingers crossed that I feel the same way about my dress when I'm reunited with it in Jamaica! I've made lists as I bought things along the way so that I don't forget them. I still have some things that need to be done, like printing programs, etc. But, I will make sure to have it all done before we leave on the 3rd. I would definitely love to spy on your wedding. :-) what time is it at? My guests are leaving that day, but the FI and I are staying a few days later until the 13th. You can definitely spy on my wedding, too if you like and are there. My wedding is on Friday, December 06, 2013 at 2:30 pm. :-) I don't arrive til late in the evening of Dec 7. I hope that your wedding is everything you want it to be!! Mine is the 10th at noon. I still have odds and ends to do as well such as doing a schedule of events but I did finish up our vows this past weekend. I never even asked if I could write my own so I hope it's ok.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by tram13 How'd it turn out? I've been thinking about you and hoping that everything turned out okay!!! This is my last weekend not working before heading down to Jamaica. We leave on December 3rd...so I'm spending it packing. Gah! I really hope I don't forget anything! My dress looks soooooooooo much better! There is nothing that can be done with the hem so I just have to hope that the dress will always be flowing and moving and nobody will notice. The new and improved seamstress took 6 inches of material away from the hip area of my dress!! So now I don't look like I am drowning in my dress anymore. It still fits loosely but it is much more flattering now. I pullled out my suitcases and have been putting odds and ends in it like my swimsuits and shorts. I have bought so much stuff to bring with me I hope I don't forget anything either! You'll have to spy on my wedding on the 10th lol.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by tram13 I would definitely do the same - and if that seamstress ruined your dress - I would be demanding my $100 back at the very least! I'm not ready to look at small claims just yet. I think I am going to wait until after the wedding day and our house possession date before I take that on! The seamstress that I took my dress to in BC has done alterations on two of my good friend's dresses - and she knew what she was talking about. She picked out imperfections in my dress and said she would fix them. She is altering the back, hemming (2 layers), taking in the dress, and altering the under layer (as it is "bigger" than the lace overlay)...for about $50-$70. So, not only I'm I confident that she does good work, it's a steal of a deal! I'm really hoping that it all works out in the end and that if fits properly. Because - I'm not shopping for a back up! Fingers crossed that your neighbourhood seamstress does good work and can make your dress fit you properly! Do you think the hem will be noticeable, or does it stand out to you because you know it's there? Your seamstress sounds amazing. Too bad she didn't live closer to you!! I think that if people even notice that my dress is shorter on one side they wouldn't dare to say anything. I think that seeing as it is such a light chiffon that the dress will always be in motion and most people won't pick up on it. I will be very conscious of it though. I got a call tonight that my dress is ready for my fitting tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by tram13 Oh no!!! I am so sorry to hear this!! My wedding date is just 4 days before you...so we leave pretty quickly here as well...in 13 days! My dress, I ordered from a boutique that was supposed to be made to fit. But - when it came in...not only did it come in too big, but it wasn't like the dress I had tried on and ordered in. The boutique was brutal - I will be filing a better business bureau complaint, and may be looking into a small claims case... I had to drive my dress to a seamstress that my friends use in BC who does phenomenal work. I left it there on the remembrance day long weekend - and won't see it until I'm in Jamaica. I am hoping and praying that she alters everything and makes what was wrong right. If not - I guess I'll have to make do. My mom has suggested I get a back up dress...but I don't know if I can be bothered with trying to find something off the rack. What I would suggest - is get a quote from the seamstress - see if she thinks it's fixable, and what she would charge you. Thankfully, the seamstress I went to in BC is quite reasonable in prices (better than I could hope to find here in Calgary, I am sure.). If it's salvageable and you think her skills can do it - if it's the dress you love, hope for the best! But, if it's not - or your worried that it won't turn out - and have the time, then maybe go and see if you can find something last minute. I know of some friends who have had to find another dress down to the wire because their original dress was ruined. And in the end, they found something that they loved more and worked out better in the end. So sorry to hear your story! Hope that everything works out okay!!! Wow, I can't believe you drove your dress to BC for alterations and then won't even see it til Jamaica!! THAT is very brave!! I'm sure it'll fit you perfectly. I ended up going to a woman in my neighbourhood who does alterations in her home. I have no idea if she's good or not but she seemed to know what she was talking about. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done with the hem, but she is going to take in the sides of the dress for $60. To me, that is a bargain! I asked her how much she would have charged me for the hem and she said $20 per layer, so it would have only been $60 vs. the $175 I was quoted by the butcher. I did pay her $100 but refused to pay her the remaining $75. I am debating whether I should call her and say that she should refund all my money for screwing up my dress. I could take her to small claims court for the cost of the dress as well but I really don't need that fight right now. I am going to call the dress shop that recommended her to me and let them know that they shouldn't be referring any more business her way. It reflects badly on the shop.
  10. So with only 21 days left to the wedding (and 18 days before I leave) I am having a dress crisis. The alterations went horribly wrong and I now have to take it to another lady to see if she can fix it tomorrow. The hem is not even (too short on one side) and now that the train was mostly taken away, there is too much fabric bunching at the sides and front of the dress. I look preggers in my dress. I wonder how much this will cost me to fix it properly? I am so upset. If it can't be fixed I may have to go buy something off the rack.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by medwards Hey ladies! Is anyone using Tai Flora for flowers and decorations? I'm just wondering what their prices are like. They directed me to the manager in Ocho Rios but she hasn't gotten back to me yet.. I've tried contacting her a few times. I just want to see if it's worth it to use them or if I should just bring my own decorations! Thanks:) Tai Flora is slow to respond. The bouquet upgrades are expensive (around $100 and up) but from what I've seen posted in this thread, the free bouquet with tropical flowers is pretty nice. The centerpiece for $15 is a 10inch cylinder with submerged orchids and floating candle…similar to the below.
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