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  1. Hi ladies! Sorry for taking so long to reply!! Here is what Luisa answered when I asked how much they charged for setting up the decorations: "We only charge set up fee for the sashes, and centerpieces and lanterns. For the sashes is USD$1.00 per each one." No mention of charging 25%, however i think if you buy things from outside vendors they will charge 25% but if you bring your own, it's different!
  2. I bought my runners from ebay for about a dollar each and same for sashes! A girl i know got married at the now and had bought the same runners that i bought which are 9 feet long and they were the right lenght! Hopefully nothing has changed since!!!
  3. @Kristina Simms - I am curious to know what is the bridal suite? Do you get your hair and makeup done in the bridal suite or do you still have to go to the spa,??? how much does it cost to rent the bridal suite?
  4. We are also doing the ceremony at the fountain and I am also taking the 1500$ package, I saw pictures and it is really beautiful! I am bringing a photographer from home, so I don't have to worry about shopping around for prices! I am debating on paying someone to do my hair and makeup, I am afraid that I will end up having to re-do everything!! Are you ladies doing your own hair/makeup?
  5. I have the "your moment" package because it was cheaper to pay everything separate than to take one of the bigger packages. I asked my wedding coordinator about the bar and here is her reply: Is the bar included in the 3 hour reception? Yes! As you request your moments wedding package the reception is not included. You can add a dinner package that included a private bar for three hours up to 25 guest. So, I have around 45 guests and I am taking the Gold buffet, therefore I pay 750$+tax and 45$+tax for additional guests. What I understand from her email is that the 750$ includes the dinner and bar for 25 people. Now I am wondering if the 45$ for additional guests includes the dinner +bar or just dinner. If not, then I would pay 45$(dinner) + 18$( premium bar) for each of my additional guests! It can get really confusing, and I would like to avoid as many "surprise costs" as possible! Same thing for the chair. it's 3$ for extra chairs... do you have to pay that fee twice if you have a ceremony and a reception!? Their guide is helpful but lacks details...
  6. Hello Ladies, I was in contact with Pastor York back in May, but now I am sending him messages and it says that my emails cannot be delivered... Am I the only one who cannot reach him anymore??? I am starting to be worried... might need to find another Pastor??? And, what are you doing for music? are you taking the Resort`s DJ, outside vendor or just renting speakers for your ipod?
  7. I thought that if you have the "your moment" package and that you paid for a reception with dinner, that the bar was included for the three hours! I could be wrong though, but I hope I will not have to pay a fee per guests per hour!
  8. I think we will get married at the main fountain, its 1500$ extra automatically and includes the gazebo!! but we are not 100% just yet!! A destination wedding can get quite expensive, more then i anticipated!!
  9. Congrats amy! Im on the 9th of april, what about you?
  10. Congrats Izpast! I have a question for all of you, I notice that the prices for the wedding packages are for 2012-2013 on the Now Larimar Website, did you guys receive the prices for 2014? I'm hoping there won't be a big difference for 2014...! Keeping my fingers crossed! The only thing I received were the prices for the "Additional Services". Thanks !!
  11. I received my confirmation. We are getting married on April 9, 2014 at 4. My wedding coordinator is Luisa! Did you guys confirm the location of the wedding already? and the reception location?
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